de Lily Alice, maio 8, 2024

Even more than two months since its finale, Marry My Husbandstarring Park Min Young, Na In Woo, Lee Yi Kyung, Song Ha Yoon, continues to trend on Prime Video. 

Local media and Flix Patrol report Marry My Husband ranked fifth in Prime Video's list of Global Top 10 TV Shows for the first week of May (April 29 - May 5), and it continued to keep its spot through May 6 and 7 among both English and non-English content. 

Since its premiere on January 1, it has remained in the Global Top 10 list of Prime Video for a total of 18 consecutive weeks, including ten weeks following its conclusion on February 20. 

As of May 7, Marry My Husband ranked in the Top 10 on Prime Video in 40+ countries including Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. Among them, it ranked in the Top 3 in a total of 19 countries including Thailand, Singapore, the Philippines, and Indonesia. 

A Studio Dragon official stated, "Marry My Husband is making history in the global success of Korean dramas by maintaining its position in the global OTT rankings for over two months since its conclusion," adding, "As it continues to gain popularity among global viewers, it looks like the Marry My Husband craze will not cool down for a while." 

Marry My Husband became the first K-drama to claim the top spot in the global daily TV show rankings on Prime Video since the streaming service was launched worldwide in 2016. Moreover, it was the first K-drama to rank on Prime Video's Top 10 charts in North American and European countries such as the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, the Netherlands, and Italy. 

If Prime Video has Marry My Husband, Netflix has Queen of Tears, another tvN drama that's taking the world by storm.

As per Netflix, Kim Soo Hyun, Kim Ji Won and Park Sung Hoon-led Queen of Tears, which premiered on March 9, has accumulated a viewing time of 460.7 million hours and is approaching the 500-million mark. 

Moreover, shows the K-drama ranking third on Netflix's Global Top 10 list (non-English) from April 29 - May 5. It has been ranking on the list for nine consecutive weeks. Even a week after its conclusion, it continues to trend on the streaming service in Asian and Latin American countries such as Brazil, Chile, India, Japan, Peru, Qatar, etc. 

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