de Hazel Jung, junho 28, 2023

Longing for You, set to premiere on July 26th, is a suspenseful drama that follows a detective pursuing a murder case and uncovering hidden family secrets and desires. Director Han Cheol Soo, known for his captivating directing in dramas like Again My Life, Graceful Family, and My Little Baby, teams up with writer Kwon Min Soo for the second time following their collaboration on the drama Graceful Family. The drama boasts a talented cast of actors, including Na In Woo, Kim Ji Eun, Kwon Yool, Bae Jong Ok, Lee Kyu Han, and Jung Sang Hoon, creating high expectations for an immersive viewing experience.

In the drama, Kim Ji Eun takes on the role of prosecutor Go Young Joo, nicknamed the "Bulldozer Prosecutor." Go Young Joo is a determined and principled character who relentlessly pursues criminals, believing that even injustice should be punished by any means necessary. As she delves into the hidden secrets of her childhood friend Oh Jin Seong's (played by Na In Woo) family, she faces a life-changing decision that risks her career as a prosecutor.
The released still images capture Kim Ji Eun's transformation into the "Bulldozer Prosecutor." She is seen wearing her legal robe, sitting in the prosecutor's seat inside a courtroom amid a trial. Her resolute gaze exudes a determined will and conviction to catch the culprit. On the other hand, in another image, she places her hand on her hip, displaying an expression of anger that reveals her unwavering personality in any situation.

Kim Ji Eun has showcased her exceptional presence and outstanding character portrayal in dramas such as The Veil, Again My Life, and One Dollar Lawyer. In particular, with her role as the lead actress in the acclaimed drama Again My Life, her second collaboration with director Han Cheol Soo raises expectations for another exceptional synergy.

Regarding her casting, Kim Ji Eun expressed, "I was thrilled when director  Han Cheol Soo, whom I worked with on Again My Life, contacted me again. It's an honor to work together again on a good project." She added, "I hope viewers appreciate the value of the time spent with good people. Please look forward to the thrilling mystery drama Longing for You."