de lo_ve, setembro 15, 2022

Lee Na Young will be the main lead of the upcoming wavve original series "Park Ha Kyung's Travel Diary"(literal translation).

On September 15th, several media outlets shared that Lee Na Young will be the main lead of the upcoming drama "Park Ha Kyung's Travel Diary" and the filming will begin soon. 

"Park Ha Kyung's Travel Diary" will be an eight-part series with 25 minutes each episode. It will showcase the journey of Korean teacher Park Ha Kyung who goes on a day trip on a Saturday to walk, eat, meet people, and seek comfort and empathy.

The upcoming series will be directed by Lee Jong Pil who's also known for helming the films "Samjin Company English Class," "The Sound of a Flower," and "Born To Sing." The drama will be produced by The Lamp Co., Ltd ("Taxi Driver," and "Malmoe: The Secret Mission").

Lee Na Young will play the role of Park Ha Kyung, a Korean language teacher that went on a one-day healing trip while being led by her feet and heart in order to escape from daily life. 

"Park Ha Kyung's Travel Diary" will feature eight travels across Korea this coming October. It will exclusively premiere on the OTT platform, wavve. 

This will be the comeback drama of Lee Na Young after three years. The actress last starred in the 2019 tvN drama "Romance Is a Bonus Book" together with Lee Jong Suk, Jung Eugene, Wi Ha Joon, Kim Tae Woo, and Kim Yoo Mi.

Lee Na Young made her acting debut in 1999. Since then, she has appeared in several dramas and films. She was part of the series "The Fugitive: Plan B," "Ireland," "Ruler of Your Own World," "8 Love Stories," "Magic Castle,' "Queen," "Did We Really Love?," and "Kaist." 


Which actors do you wish to see work alongside Lee Na Young in the upcoming series "Park Ha Kyung's Travel Diary"?