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Rookie actor Lee Kwang Hee has been chosen to be Oh My Girl Arin's classmate in the upcoming K-drama S Line.

According to media outlet SportsNews on September 5, Lee Kwang Hee will join the cast of the upcoming fantasy K-drama S Line. 

Lee Kwang Hee's agency AtsuroiENT also confirmed that the rising actor is participating in the upcoming series. 

S Line will reveal the story when a red line that is also known as the S line, appears above people's heads and leads people who have relationships regardless of time and place. The story will be adapted from the webtoon of the same name by cartoonist Little Bee.

The upcoming K-drama will be led by Lee Soo Hyuk, Lee Da Hee, and Oh My Girl member Arin.

Lee Kwang Hee will play the role of Jun Sun. He is the classmate of Arin's character Hyeon Hyeop. He is known as the smart kid in the class. He is close and has a romantic interest in Hyeon Hyeop.

S Line will begin its production this year and it is scheduled to greet the viewers in 2024. There are no exact details yet if it will air on a broadcast channel or OTT platform.

Lee Kwang Hee made his acting debut in 2022. He started his acting career through the film Tubepet Company

This year, the rookie actor is starring in the K-drama Love Class Season 2 with BAE173 J-min, Woo Hyo Won, Kim Yong Seok, An Jeong Gyun, and Jung Woo Jae

Aside from S Line, Lee Kwang Hee is also confirmed to join two upcoming K-dramas. He is set to star in the 2024 K-drama Branding in Seongsu-dong with Kim Ji Eun, Lomon, Yang Hye Ji, Jung Yi Rang, and Jeon Jun Ho

Lee Kwang Hee will also work with top actors Song Kang Ho and Byun Yo Han in the upcoming K-drama Uncle Samsik.


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