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Lee Joo Bin will lead a new K-drama after Queen of Tears

On April 23, media outlets reported that Lee Joo Bin is joining the upcoming K-drama Guardians. According to reports, ever since Lee Joo Bin starred in the hit K-drama Queen of Tears, the actress has been receiving several offers to star in different works. 

If Lee Joo Bin confirms her casting, this will be her second upcoming K-drama. The actress will also join the upcoming series Tarot with Cho Yeo Jung, Park Ha Sun, DEX, Go Gyu Pil, and Seo Ji Hoon

Lee Joo Bin is praised for brilliantly portraying her role in Queen of Tears. The actress is playing the character named Cheon Da Hye, the wife of Kwak Dong Yeon's character Hong Soo Cheol. 

Aside from being busy with several upcoming K-dramas, Lee Joo Bin is also highly anticipated in the 2024 movie The Roundup: Punishment. She is one of the new characters in the hit film. 

Lee Joo Bin is known for being part of the K-dramas Love to Hate You, Love in Contract, Money Heist: Korea - Joint Economic Area, Doctor Lawyer, Find Me in Your Memory, Mr. Sunshine, and more.

Guardians will be the next work of director Park Ji Hyun and writers Roh Min Kyung and Jung Ji Hyun. 

The K-drama will revolve around electronic supervisors and probation officers who are tasked to monitor, help, and arrest criminals. 

Lee Joo Bin will possibly work with actor Jung Sung Il in the upcoming K-drama. The actor was the first one to receive the casting offer. 

The actress received the offer to play the role of Han Do Kyung. Her character is good at different martial arts such as judo, kendo, taekwondo, and more. She has a cheerful and calm personality that exudes positive energy. 

The release date of the upcoming K-drama Guardians is not yet confirmed. 


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