de lo_ve, março 20, 2023

Actress Lee Da Hae and singer SE7EN will be getting married.

Lee Da Hae and SE7EN personally revealed on March 20 that they have decided to get married this year. The two personally shared the great news on their official Instagram accounts. 

Lee Da Hae and SE7EN have been dating for eight years. The two started their romantic relationship in 2015 and the public knew about them in 2016. Since then, the two have openly shared their relationship. They even guested as a couple in the program Omniscient Interfering View

According to Lee Da Hae and SE7EN, they are holding their wedding this coming May 6. Their agencies also confirmed it. Aside from their marriage announcement, they shared some prenup photos. 

In Lee Da Hae's post, the actress shared that although it may not be a big surprise that they are getting married after their long time of dating, she stated that she is still shy to tell the great news. Lee Da Hae revealed that they are getting married in May and asked for the fans' blessings. She also promised to be a great wife and also a more impressive actress in the future. 

In SE7EN's post, the singer shared his gratitude towards the people who have always been there and supporting him. He also revealed that now that he will be the head of the household and become a husband, he will have a greater sense of responsibility and will live more maturely.

Lee Da Hae started her acting career in 2002. Since then, she has been one of the most popular actresses that do romance genre. She is known for the K-dramas Sweet 18, Green Rose, My Girl, East of Eden, Miss Ripley, IRIS 2, Hotel King, and more. The actress hasn't returned to the K-drama world for almost five years. She was last seen in the 2018 K-drama Nice Witch

Meanwhile, SE7EN made his debut as a singer in 2007. He also tried acting through the K-drama Goong S. SE7EN will be one of the guests of the upcoming entertainment program Kim Goo Ra's Latte 9. Currently, SE7EN is active on the Youtube channel Se7en_golf.


Congratulations to Lee Da Hae and SE7EN!