de lo_ve, junho 5, 2024

Kim Young Dae will possibly be the next male lead of Kim You Jung in a new K-drama.

On June 5, media outlets reported that Kim Young Dae had been picked to join the upcoming K-drama Dear X. The K-drama was first offered to Kim You Jung and the actress is currently considering the offer. 

Meanwhile, Kim Young Dae's agency also gave their official statement regarding the casting reports. According to Outer Universe, "Kim Young Dae was offered a leading role in Dear X. It is one of the works that he is currently reviewing."

Kim Young Dae made his acting debut in 2018. immediately after his debut, he already garnered fans because of his visuals and his tone of voice. Many also named him as a Kang Dong Won-like figure. 

Aside from Dear X, Kim Young Dae will lead the upcoming romantic comedy K-drama No Loss in Love with Shin Min Ah, Lee Sang Yi, Han Ji Hyun, Jeon Hye Won, and Lee Yoo Jin. He will also be part of the cast of the upcoming webtoon-based K-drama Perfect Family

Kim Young Dae is known for being included in the K-dramas Moon in the Day, The Forbidden Marriage, Sh**ting Stars, The Penthouse: War in Life, Extraordinary You, and more.

Dear X will focus on a woman with an antisocial personality disorder named Baek Ah Jin. She became a famous actress after using others and doing everything to become known. After becoming famous, an incident will lead her to fall from the top but despite all this, a man stays by her side despite everything. The K-drama will be based on the webtoon of the same name by artist Ban Ki Woon. 

Director Lee Eung Bok who helmed the K-dramas Sweet Home, Mr. Sunshine, Goblin, and Descendants of the Sun will also direct Dear X. 

Kim Young Dae got the offer to portray the role of Yoon Joon Seo. He will be the one to show Baek A Jin what pure love is. Kim You Jung got the offer to portray Baek A Jin, the sociopath actress.

There is no confirmation yet on the broadcast channel and date for Dear X. 


Do you think Kim Young Dae is the best pick to star alongside Kim You Jung in Dear X?