de Lily Alice, junho 23, 2023

The highly-anticipated SBS drama Revenant is finally premiering today. The drama has been garnering attention since its planning stage, primarily due to the collaboration between the esteemed writer Kim Eun Hee and the talented actress Kim Tae Ri.

Renowned as the "master of the supernatural genre", Kim Eun Hee has impressed audiences with her exceptional works such as SignalKingdom, and Jirisan

In her upcoming drama, Revenant, she deftly combines elements of Korean folklore, occultism, and mystery. The story revolves around a woman possessed by an evil spirit and a man gifted with the ability to see supernatural entities, facing a formidable evil entity.

With the Kingdom series, Kim Eun Hee has set the bar high in the horror genre by infusing it with the historical setting of the Joseon era, getting international acclaim for her talent. 

In Revenant, she continues to push boundaries by presenting a fresh and immersive "Korean-style occult mystery" that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats. Kim Eun Hee's unique plots and ability to infuse deep emotions and thought-provoking messages into the story make the premiere of Revenant highly anticipated.

Whereas, actress Kim Tae-ri expressed her excitement about the project saying, "Folklore was a treasure trove of interesting stories". She also emphasized the importance of shedding light on this disappearing field. Revenant is her third drama after Mr. Sunshine and Twenty-Five Twenty-One

In the K-drama, Kim Tae Ri plays the role of Ku San Young, a civil service aspirant who juggles part-time jobs during the day, and studies for her exams during the night. 

However, her ordinary life takes an unexpected turn when she receives an heirloom from her late father, Professor Ku Kang Mo (Jin Seon Kyu), and becomes possessed by an evil spirit. 

In addition to Kim Tae RiRevenant casts talented actors, including Oh Jung SeHong KyungKim Hae SookPark Ji YoungKim Won HaeYang Hye Ji, and Ye Soo Jung, among others. The drama will also surprise viewers with special guest appearances from acclaimed actors.  

Revenant will be available to stream on Disney+. Meanwhile, check out the preview here