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It seems like Kim Tae Jung and Lee Chae Min are inseparable.

On March 24, several industry insiders shared that Kim Tae Jung will be one of the main leads of the upcoming Netflix original K-drama Hierarchy. 

The upcoming Netflix original K-drama Hierarchy is a teen series that will revolve around the relationships, emotions, scandals, and alike of the students of an elite school named  Jusin High School. Only the top 0.01% of students can enter the school and it is the best high-quality education service in the whole nation. 

The upcoming K-drama will reportedly be led by Roh Jeong Eui and Lee Chae Min

If Kim Tae Jung confirms his casting, this will be his reunion with Lee Chae Min. The two acted as brothers in the popular K-drama Crash Course in Romance. In the upcoming Netflix K-drama, Kim Tae Jung and Lee Chae Min will now portray the role of classmates. 

Kim Tae Jung got the offer to play the role of Choi Yoon Seok. He is a student at Jusin High School and is known as the top fighter in any battle. He is the third son of the Army Chief of Staff.

Early this month, the upcoming K-drama faced criticism for allegedly having nude scenes in a high school drama. Netizens are accusing the production of copying some popular western series. The criticism was brought up because it is not common in Korea to have these vulgar scenes in a teen drama.

There is no confirmation yet on the broadcast date of  Hierarchy.

Just like Lee Chae Min, Kim Tae Jung is also one of the rising stars in the k-drama world. Kim Tae Jung made his acting debut in 2019. His appearance in Crash Course in Romance as the mysterious brother gave him more recognition.

Kim Tae Jung has starred in the K-dramas Extraordinary You, Tinted With You, and Seasons of Blossom.


Do you wish to see Lee Chae Min and Kim Tae Jung together in one K-drama again?