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Kim Min Seok might be the hidden card for the upcoming Netflix original K-drama Mr. Plankton.

According to the media outlet Star News on July 14th, Kim Min Seok will be added to the cast of the upcoming K-drama Mr. Plankton. 

Kim Min Seok will be the hidden card of the upcoming K-drama according to reports. It was also stated that Netflix has refrained from mentioning Kim Min Seok as part of the cast as his character will be a revelation in the series. 

If Kim Min Seok confirms his casting, this will be his third upcoming K-drama. This will also be his debut in a Netflix original K-drama. 

Kim Min Seok is set to star in the upcoming K-drama Bloody Romance with Nam Gyu Ri, Choi Hye Jin, Song Jae Rim, Steven Noh, and Jung Jin Woo

He will also lead the drama version and second season of Shark 2: The Storm

Kim Min Seok will also join the upcoming movie Re-Born with Lee You Mi, Song Deok Ho, Park Kyung Hye, Jin Goo, and Eum Moon Suk

The actor is known for being part of the K-dramas Lovestruck in the City, The Beauty Inside, Because This Is My First Life, Age of Youth Season 2, Doctors, Descendants of the Sun, and more.

Mr. Plankton will tell the romantic comedy story of people who can't associate and blend with anyone just like a plankton. It will showcase the story of a man who has no other choice but to be a wanderer because no one has ever suggested him to stay.

The upcoming K-drama will be led by Woo Do Hwan, Lee You Mi, and Oh Jung Se

Kim Min Seok will reportedly play the role of Yoo Ki Ho. He will work closely with Woo Do Hwan's character named Hae Jo. He will be the strange helper of the four main leads who will desperately look for each others' whereabouts. He will be the main key for the four characters to get connected. 

The new Netflix K-drama will be the collaboration work of director Hong Jong Chan (Juvenile Justice and Dear My Friends) and Jo Yong (It's Okay to Not Be Okay).

Mr. Plankton will exclusively air on Netflix to more than 190 countries. It will have a total of 10 episodes.


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