de Lily Alice, abril 29, 2024

One of the driving factors behind the success of Queen of Tears is Kim Ji WonNeedless to say, the actress delivered a phenomenal performance as Hong Hae In in the tvN rom-com that kept viewers glued to the screen.

Recently, Kim Ji Won's agency, High Entertainment Studio, released an interview with the actress, in which she shared her thoughts on her character, the efforts she put into the drama, and more.

Q: Please share your thoughts on the conclusion of Queen of Tears.

A: Hello. I'm Kim Ji Won, who played Hong Hae In in Queen of Tears.

Having spent a long time filming throughout the four seasons, I awaited the broadcasts with nervousness and excitement. But now that it's over, it feels strangely short, and I'm a bit sad. I sincerely thank everyone who enjoyed watching the drama, showed interest, and showered it with love.

Above all, health is the most important. I hope everyone stays healthy and happy. Also, I hope you love your loved ones fully and without regrets. I will greet you with a new project. Thank you.

Q: You received a lot of love from viewers. How do you feel?

A: I'm truly grateful. Watching the viewers' reactions made it even more enjoyable for me to watch the drama. It was great to ride the rollercoaster together with the viewers, experiencing ups and downs.

Q: Are there any memorable reactions or comments from those around you?

A: In scenes where I had to express anger, I immersed myself and got reactions where viewers empathized and expressed anger along with me. In joyful scenes, seeing reactions where viewers enjoyed the scenes felt amazing as [they were] the moments I filmed while wondering, 'How will people react to this scene?'. These moments, as they passed by, felt strangely fascinating.

I remember it being funny when I received a lot of threatening text messages from people around me, such as 'Please tell me if it's a happy ending or a sad ending' and 'Why haven't you taken control of Queens Group again quickly?'

Q: You portrayed a character with a wide range of emotions, from comedy to melodrama to human drama. Was there any particular aspect you focused on during filming?

A: I tried to vividly portray the colors of each genre. Since there were so many rapidly changing emotions, I often wondered, "How can I present this more smoothly?" I think I tried to focus and be more sincere about the scene I was filming and Hae In's emotions at that time. I prepared it with the hope that the feeling would be fully conveyed to those who see it.

Q: Is there a scene that stands out the most to you either while filming or watching the broadcast? Or any memorable moments from the set?

A: The beginning of episode 11 is the most memorable to me. There are moments when I monitor myself while watching the broadcast, and episode 11 was one of those episodes where I cried. When we were filming the scene where Hae In's family learns about her illness, even though it wasn't a scene where the seniors had to come on set, their emotional support from behind the camera allowed me to immerse myself and deliver the performance. I remember automatically shedding a lot of tears thanks to them.

Q: From happy moments in Germany to sad and painful moments, you expressed a variety of emotions. It couldn't have been easy. What mindset did you approach filming with?

A: We filmed a wide range of emotional scenes, from the sweet moments of a newlywed couple in Germany to the heartbreaking moment when Hae In first sees the divorce papers from Hyun Woo, and emotional scenes in front of the cathedral. After filming everything from Hae In's joyful times to her most painful memories, I felt like I understood Hae In's heart more deeply.

While it wasn't easy due to the wide range of emotions, we all worked together to complete it, cheering each other on. I think the moments where the Korean and German staff members communicated and worked hard together to create good scenes will be remembered for a long time.

Q: Queens and Yongduri's families combined, more than ten actors worked together for a long time. How was the chemistry?

A: I haven't had many experiences filming with such a large number of senior actors, so I was quite nervous, but the senior actors helped me relax from the script reading. It was a truly enjoyable shoot.

When watching the senior actors perform, there were many moments when I admired them and was fascinated, and those moments felt like times of learning for me. And when Queens and Yongduri families came together, it often felt like a real holiday. Every moment was warm and enjoyable.

Q: You've played various characters in dramas. How do you think Hong Hae In will be remembered by Kim Ji Won?

A: I think Hae In will remain in my memory like a "four-leaf clover." Honestly, there weren't many times when the character felt completely defeated. Even when she faced difficulties, she quickly overcame them or tried to overcome them. With those aspects, she looked like an "icon of resilience" and an "icon of positivity" to me. I want to remember Hae In as someone like a 'four-leaf clover' who overcame difficulties and became a source of strength and hope.

Q: How do you want viewers to remember Hong Hae In? Is there something you'd like them to remember about her?

A: Hae In has a lot of love to give, but her way of expressing it may have been a bit clumsy. As the story progressed, she made efforts to express herself better. I hope these aspects resonated well with the viewers, and they remember Hae In as a "friend warmer than expected."

Q: Lastly, a message to Hong Hae In from Queen of Tears.

A: Hae In, you've worked hard! I hope only happy things come your way from now on. Thanks to you, I've learned how to laugh and get up again without giving up in difficult situations. Thank you. Now, I hope you become someone who conveys warmth from your heart rather than just words. Goodbye!

Actor Kim Soo Hyun expressed his feelings about the conclusion of the tvN weekend drama Queen of Tears, saying, "I was happy." The actor conveyed his thoughts through his agency Gold Medalist, stating, "It feels like a truly special work to me." He continued, "Including the time spent researching the character, I spent over a year with Baek Hyun Woo, so I feel both regretful and sad. Moreover, I'm incredibly grateful for the chance to act alongside the best actors, and thanks to them, I was able to maintain my focus in the incredibly emotional scenes." 

He also added, "I hope Queen of Tears brought you happiness. I thank everyone who watched, the writer, directors, all the staff, seniors, and fellow actors who worked together."