de lo_ve, junho 22, 2021

Kang Ye Won will reportedly join the cast of JTBC's upcoming drama "Only One Person".

According to several reports on June 22, Kang Ye Won will be added to the cast lineup of the drama  "Only One Person" starring Park Sung Hoon, Ahn Eun Jin, and Red Velvet's Joy. The actress will reportedly play the role of Kang Se Yeon.  She is a housewife who is diagnosed with a severe illness with no cure. 

Kang Ye Won's agency J Wide Company responded to the reports and confirmed that the actress did receive the casting offer. They also stated that the actress is positively reviewing the drama offer. 

"Only One Person" will be directed by Oh Hyun Jong ("Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo"  and "Find Me in Your Memory") and written by Moon Jung Min ("Matrimonial Chaos”).

The upcoming JTBC drama will be set in a hospice ward. It is a romantic comedy that will revolve around the life of a terminally ill woman who wants to kill one bad guy before dying. She will eventually encounter a person who will change her life.

The upcoming drama is part of Keyeast's drama lineup for 2021 and will air this December. 

"Only One Person" will be Kang Ye Won's return to the drama scene after four years. She last starred in the 2017 drama "Man Who Dies to Live" with Choi Min Soo, Shin Sung Rok, Lee So Yeon, and more. The actress was also part of the dramas "Baek Hee Has Returned", "Bad Guys", "The Thousandth Man", "Who's My Love", and more. 

Kang Ye Won was also part of several movies like "The Bad Guys: Reign of Chaos", "Watching", "Part-Time Spy", "El Condor Pasa", "Love Clinic", "My Ordinary Love Story", and more. 


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