de Lily Alice, janeiro 8, 2024

Kang Ki Young (Extraordinary Attorney WooThe Uncanny Counter Season 2: Counter PunchWhile You Were SleepingWeightlifting Fairy Kim Bok JooW) is once again playing a lawyer.

Queen of Divorce is the story of Kim Sa Ra, South Korea's top divorce mediator, and a cunning lawyer, Dong Ki Joon, working at the divorce settlement firm Solution.

Kang Ki Young takes on the role of Dong Ki Joon, a consulting lawyer at the divorce resolution firm Solution and Kim Sa Ra's (Lee Ji Ah) business partner. 

Dong Ki Joon is a man with a smart appearance, a pleasant manner of speaking, and a cool personality. During his tenure as a prosecutor, he achieved the highest prosecution rate in the Southwest District Prosecutor's Office. Known as a Shepherd for his unyielding determination and keen ability to smell out a bad person and never let go.

Dong Ki Joon experienced various twists and turns during his prosecutor days. He eventually joins Solution after being scouted and transforms into a consulting lawyer.

Although Dong races forward like a racehorse, he is an extremely pure-hearted man in front of someone he cares about.

Kang Ki Young commented, "Behind his [Dong Ki Joon] sharp appearance, he hides a sense of injustice and an unwavering spirit in the face of crisis."

In the released stills, Kang Ki Young portrays the allure of Dong Ki Joon. While he maintains seriousness during work, his playful side adds warmth to the ambiance. Furthermore, his resolute stance while apprehending wrongdoers catches attention.

Dong Ki Joon, due to his kind-hearted nature, cannot ignore those in misery. He is set to become a strong support for clients trapped in the hell of marriage. 

Queen of Divorce will premiere on January 31. The K-drama will be made available on Netflix.