de lo_ve, março 28, 2023

The best pairing in K-drama might happen soon!

On March 28, several media outlets reported that top stars Jun Ji Hyun and Kang Dong Won will be working together with the brilliant team of Little Women. Reports stated that the two will be the main leads of the upcoming tvN K-drama titled Polaris.

Jun Ji Hyun's agency IEUM HASHTAG responded to the casting reports. According to them, Jun Ji Hyun is positively reviewing the offer to star in the new series. Meanwhile, Kang Dong Won's representative also shared their side and stated, "It is one of the works that was offered to the actor." 

Polaris will be the next collaboration work of director Kim Hee Won (Vincenzo and The Crowned Clown) and writer Jung Seo Kyung (Mother and The Handmaiden). Last year, they worked together for the hit series Little Women.

The upcoming spy romance drama will revolve around spies who lost their identities and continuously work to search for their true selves. 

According to the reports, Polaris will begin its production once the casting is finally complete. 

Many are already anticipating of this possible great combination in the K-drama world. 

If Jun Ji Hyun confirms her casting, this will be her comeback to the small screen after two years. She was last seen in the 2021 K-drama Jirisan together with Joo Ji Hoon, Sung Dong Il, Oh Jung Se, Jo Han Chul, and Joo Min Kyung

Meanwhile, this will possibly be the grand comeback of Kang Dong Won to the K-drama scene. The actor previously starred in a series 19 years ago, in the 2004 K-drama titled Magic. Aside from this possible project, Kang Dong Won will also lead the upcoming movies The Incident, Jeon, Ran, and Possession


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