de lo_ve, janeiro 5, 2024

After four years of hiatus, actor Joo Jin Moo is returning to the industry.

On January 5, it was revealed that actor Joo Jin Moo will be appearing on an entertainment program after four years since he was involved in a controversy. 

Joo Jin Moo will be appearing on a new episode of the TV Chosun program Heo Young Man's Food Travel. He will visit Daegu, the sacred place for restaurants with the main MC Heo Young Man. 

The two sat down and ate at a sushi restaurant near  Suseong Market in Daegu. Joo Jin Moo naturally shared his love story with her wife Min Hye Yeon. The actor revealed that he fell in love with a family medicine doctor at first sight and continued to meet her until they decided to tie the knot. 

Joo Jin Moo also revealed that he finally decided to return to broadcast with a smile thanks to his wife. 

The episode of Joo Jin Moo in  Heo Young Man's Food Travel will officially air on January 5 exclusively on TV Chosun. 

Joo Jin Moo got married to Min Hye Yeon in 2019. Almost a year later, the actor was involved in a controversy. 

In January 2020, Joo Jin Moo was threatened by hackers who infiltrated his mobile phone. He was demanded by money and other goods or else they would expose his private messages. Joo Jin Moo didn't pay the hackers and these people decided to send the Kakaotalk messages to different media outlets. Ultimately, his private messages were exposed to different online communities. 

These private messages revealed the conversation between Joo Jin Moo and actor Jang Dong Gun which caused a huge controversy. 

Joo Jin Moo then apologized and also announced that he would take legal action against the hackers and even stated that the private messages were distorted. 


What do you think of actors returning to broadcast after a huge controversy?