de lo_ve, janeiro 9, 2024

Ji Chang Wook received an offer to work alongside Go Hyun Jung in the upcoming Korean remake The Mantis. He has chosen to decline this offer to a scheduling conflict.

On January 9, media outlets revealed that Ji Chang Wook has been chosen to be Go Hyun Jung's partner in the upcoming Korean version of the French series La Mante. 

Ji Chang Wook's agency Spring Company responded to the casting reports. The agency stated, "Ji Chang Wook did receive the offer to star in The Mantis. Unfortunately, the actor has to decline the offer due to schedule conflicts." 

Ji Chang Wook is currently starring in the JTBC K-drama Welcome to Samdal-ri with Shin Hye Sun, Shin Dong Mi, Kang Mi Na, Kim Mi Kyung, Seo Hyun Chul, Kim Mi Hwa, Yang Kyung Won, and Baek Hyun Joo

After the JTBC K-drama concludes, Ji Chang Wook will star in several upcoming K-dramas. He will lead the series Queen Woo, Bulk, and Sculpture City

The top actor is also expected to return to the big screen with the upcoming film Revolver. He will be working alongside Jeon Do Yeon and Im Ji Yeon.

The upcoming K-drama The Mantis will showcase the happenings when someone starts murdering people in the style of a serial killer who has already been imprisoned for many years. The imprisoned serial killer then offers to help the police catch the copycat serial killer under one condition.  This will be the remake of the French series La Mante.

The K-drama was offered to actress Go Hyun Jung and she is currently reviewing the offer. 

According to reports, The Mantis will possibly begin its production next year. 


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