de Lily Alice, junho 13, 2024

Good Partner unveiled the first character stills featuring Jang Na Ra and Nam Ji Hyun. 

Good Partner tells the story of star divorce lawyer Cha Eun Kyung (Jang Na Ra) and rookie lawyer Han Yoo Ri (Nam Ji Hyun). The show portrays the dilemmas people experience when they face unexpected breakups that were not part of their life plans. It is expected to deliver empathy and catharsis as it follows divorce lawyers striving to make the best choices in the harsh game of life.  

The stills give a glimpse of Cha Eun Kyung and Han Yoo Ri's character dynamics. 

Cha Eun Kyung, looking fierce and flawless during a law school lecture, encounters Han Yoo Ri, who is sitting with a dull face as if seemingly bothered by something.

Then, when they reunite at the law firm Daejung, unlike her outspoken self in the past, rookie lawyer Han Yoo Ri is now very nervous in front of Cha Eun Kyung.

Jang Na Ra expressed, "I have great synergy with Nam Ji Hyun. She has the ability to make everyone feel comfortable." She added, "You can't help but love Han Yoo Ri." Nam Ji Hyun commented, "I am truly grateful to work on this project with Cha Eun Kyung. She is one of the people I relied on the most on set."

Good Partner will premiere on July 12. More news about the K-drama's OTT service is yet to come.