de Lily Alice, maio 14, 2024

JTBC's Family by Choice, starring Hwang In YoupJung Chae YeonBae Hyun SungChoi Won Young, and Choi Moo Sung, among others, is confirmed to premiere in the second half of 2024.  

Family by Choice is a story of three people who, despite being unrelated by blood, consider each other family and spend their teenage years together. They reunite after 10 years. The K-drama is a remake of the C-drama Go Ahead.

Choi Won Young will play Yoon Jung Jae, the father of Yoon Joo Won (Jung Chae Yeon). Yoon Jung Jae runs a noodle shop in the neighborhood and can discern the children's feelings without them saying a word. He cares for Kang Hae Joon (Bae Hyun Sung) more than even his own father and always wants to do something more for him. 

Choi Moo Sung will play Kim Dae Wook, the father of Kim San Ha (Hwang In Youp). Kim Dae Wook is a police officer at a local station who is inflexible, sincere, and gentle. After separating from his wife, he raises the three children with Yoon Jung Jae (Choi Won Young). Kim Dae Wook, though clumsy in expressing himself, strives to always protect the children.  

Hwang In Youp will portray Kim San Ha, a character with good looks and a unique childhood backstory. For some reason, he keeps a distance from his father, Kim Dae Wook (Choi Moo Sung), piquing curiosity about their story.  

Jung Chae Yeon will play Yoon Joo Won, Yoon Jung Jae's daughter. She grows up receiving abundant love from her father and considers the upstairs neighbor Kim Dae Wook and his son Kim San Ha, as well as Kang Hae Joon, whom her father brought in, as her real family. 

Bae Hyun Sung will play Kang Hae Joon, whom Yoon Jung Jae took in like family and treated as his own son since childhood. Grateful for the love Yoon Jung Jae gave him after his mother left him behind, he dedicates himself to basketball to repay that love. He is a boy who always smiles at people to be loved by everyone. 

Family by Choice will be released sometime in the second half of 2024.