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Hey guys :)

Nobody probably cares, but I thought about sharing the story or "the way" of how I came to watch Asian dramas! This is also a little for myself to reminisce and such. Let‘s get to know each other better - I hope you don‘t fall asleep while reading^^

It was a stormy winter night... Joke^^
It was the summer of my first year in middle school (6th grade). We got some new transfer students with whom I quickly became friends. They both liked drawing and reading mangas - it was the time where drawing mangas was popular - I spare you my first pictures. xD

So my new friend got me interested in Mangas and dragged me to the nearest comic store - the only manga selling store in our town at that time.^^ And my first Manga was: Maid Sama. :) It's still my favourite. Then I found the Animes of those Mangas - The anime of Maid Sama - with eng subs^^ I had a hard time because I‘m not a native English speaker. 

It was also around that time I got my first laptop. So I had a tab opened with the anime playing - and another tab with google translate. And I literally paused every 5 minutes to search up words. My English grades were rather happy about that xD Btw, my Asian music story went parallel with my drama story.^^

So after watching hundreds of animes and mangas, I also found the Live actions of those. The first official drama I truly remember is  Hana Yori Dango. But I could swear I watched other dramas before that, like Pink no idenshithe only title I remember and even there, I only remember one scene and that I found it rather cringe - the reason why I don‘t think about rewatching it.

And after some Japanese live actions, I found the real deal: Dramas - K-Dramas. My first K-Dramas were Full House and Personal Taste, but after that, my memory gets blurry - I don‘t know the correct order. But MatsuJun and Rain were my very first crushes.^^ And now I have countless ones. >< Also: HYD is the reason I was a big fan of Arashi. :)

Search Add^^: 

At that time, I listened to some music. But I can‘t remember who it was. It was definitely old^^. I could swear the title was "funky“ or something with "funky...", and the guys were wearing wide pants. Jumping around like gangsters, but the clothing was colourful. I think it was Japanese but could also be Korean - I don‘t remember anymore, I‘m sorry. But if someone thinks "wow, I know that one", please contact me. xD 

But of course, someday Korean and Japanese dramas weren‘t enough for me anymore. I already watched all dramas I wanted to watch (I‘m picky) and needed more. So I also started with Chinese/Taiwanese dramas and some Filipino movies. My first Taiwanese drama was Devil beside you, and my first Chinese one was Ten miles of peach blossoms... Maybe xD.  But my favourite C-Drama is Eternal love of Dream.

As for Filipino movies, I don‘t watch it anymore. I only watched some movies, and I don‘t remember my first one. But I can tell you my favourite one: Always be my Maybe.
And later (we are around the year 2017 now^^), I also started Thai dramas... But forced kiss and rape were kinda portrayed as romance - so I could only watch the "lighter" ones. My first one:  Roy Leh Sanae Rai.

So after watching lots of dramas - all dramas I wanted to watch (remember: I‘m picky), I now have to go with the flow, meaning: mostly watching new/airing dramas, except if I come across a good one I haven‘t watched yet. But some big part of my life is still missing: BL^^.

I never really liked BL. I never had a problem with it - I just didn‘t want to see it^^. But around last year (2019), I noticed myself more and more shipping boys. So I first tried a BL manga -and loved it. Cautious, one eye closed, I tried History: Boundary Crossing - and my life took a turn: BL is the best. xD By now, I‘ve watched lots of them.

But with gaining something, I also lost something: the interest in Korean dramas. All the dramas airing in 2019 - until now - were totally boring for me (except some exceptions like Waikiki2). The best year of K-Dramas for me was around 2016-2018. And this is also the time I found and joined MyDramalist :). But lately, I'm thinking about giving Korean dramas a chance again^^.

Yeah... That was my road into Dramas :) Since then, my life kinda looks like this: 

But my story is not finished yet. There is still a lot to come. I‘m curious where my drama-road takes me next. :)

What is your story? I would be happy if you share it in the comments. Or maybe through your own article?^^ 

I‘m looking forward to. :)

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