de Lily Alice, junho 11, 2024

Handsome Guys, starring Lee Sung MinLee Hee JoonGong Seung YeonPark Jeong HwaLee Kyu Hyung, and Park Ji Hwan, has been officially invited to the Panorama section at the 57th edition of SITGES - International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia, scheduled to take place from October 3-13.

Handsome Guys follows best friends Sang Goo (Lee Hee Joon) and Jae Pil (Lee Sung Min), who move into a new house dreaming of living in the countryside, only to encounter an evil spirit that had been long sealed in the basement.

The Panorama section of the Sitges Film Festival is a category where works with innovative approaches are screened.

The achievement of Handsome Guys is credited to its unique setting, where an evil spirit awakens from the basement of Jae Pil and Sang Goo's house, its unpredictable plot twists, and its seamless blending of comedy and horror. 

Angel Sala Corbi, the director of the Sitges Film Festival, commented, "It is a work that stands out for its ingenious and delightful story development. The excellent harmony and combination of various genres, including the setting of the evil spirit, is excellent."

Handsome Guys will get a theatrical release on June 26.