de Lily Alice, abril 17, 2024

Song Kang Ho comments on his character in Uncle Samsik.

Uncle Samsik tells the story of Uncle Sam Sik (Song Kang Ho), who ensures three meals a day even during wartime, and an elite young man, Kim San (Byun Yo Han), who dreams of building a country where everyone lives well, striving together to achieve their dreams. The K-drama is set in the chaotic era of the 1960s. 

Park Doo Chil, aka Uncle Sam Sik, played by Song Kang Ho, has the temperament of a strategist who accurately discerns people's desires, swiftly grasps situations and accordingly devises meticulous plans.

The character stills portray various aspects of Uncle Sam Sik. His warm demeanor and friendly charm, evident from his bright smile, and his scrutinizing gaze as if he's planning a strategy, offer a glimpse of his personality. 

Since childhood, Park Doo Chil has paved his own path in life by any means necessary for survival. Upon meeting elite young man Kim San, who shares the same dream as him, he begins to make grand plans to make his dream come true.

Song Kang Ho remarked, "Uncle Sam Sik is a character who is hard to define in one word. He's a kind of character I've never portrayed in my films before."

He also expressed his enthusiasm for playing a new character, stating, "I approached my first drama with the attitude of a rookie, working diligently and passionately."

Disney+ will release five episodes of Uncle Samsik on May 15, followed by two episodes every week and three episodes in the final week, for a total of 16 episodes.