de lo_ve, junho 18, 2021

Han So Hee might be working with another top actor for a new drama!

According to several news outlets on June 17th, Han So Hee will join the upcoming drama "Hard Creature" starring Park Seo Joon. The upcoming drama will be directed by Jung Dong Yoon ("Hot Stove League" and "It's Okay to Not Be Okay") and it will be written by "Dr. Romantic" screenwriter, Kang Eun Kyung.

Han So Hee's agency 9ato Entertainment commented on the reports, stating that Han So Hee did receive the drama offer and she's still reviewing it. 

"Hard Creature" will showcase what humans deal with in their everyday life to survive. The drama will feature how young people desperately want to survive in the harsh world.

Park Seo Joon was offered to lead the upcoming drama. His agency also stated that the actor is still reviewing it. Park Seo Joon receive the offer to play the character of Jang Tae Sang, a wealthy man from Bukchon who will have a turnaround in his life after meeting a woman. 

Han So Hee debuted as an actress in 2017. She made her name known after starring in the hit 2020 drama "The World of the Married" with main leads Kim Hee Ae and Park Hae Joon. Since then, she became one of the trendiest actresses with several CF and drama offers. 

For this year, Han So Hee will be the main lead for the upcoming drama "Nevertheless," with Song Kang, Chae Jong Hyeop, Yang Hye Ji, and more. The new drama will air this coming June 19th on JTBC. She will also lead the upcoming Netflix series "My Name" with Ahn Bo Hyun, Park Hee Soon, Kim Sang Ho, and more. 

Han So Hee was also part of the dramas "Abyss," "100 Days My Prince," "Money Flower," and "Reunited World."


Do you think Han So Hee will be a good fit for the drama "Hard Creature"?