de Lily Alice, julho 14, 2023

Disney+ original series Moving has unveiled stills, featuring actress Han Hyo Joo in the role of Lee Mi Hyun. 

Renowned for her excellent performances in dramas and films like W,  HappinessIllang: The Wolf Brigadeand The Pirates 2: The Last Royal Treasure, Han Hyo Joo is returning to the small screen with the highly-anticipated Disney+ series Moving.

In the series, the actress plays the character of Lee Mi Hyun, an elite agent at the NIS, possessing five superhuman senses. She receives orders from Deputy Director Min (Moon Sung Geun) to monitor black agent Kim Doo Shik (Zo In Sung). Through a series of encounters, the two gradually fall in love.

As the story progresses, unforeseen events force Mi Hyun and Kim Doo Sik to conceal themselves and raise their son, Bong Seok (Lee Jung Ha), in secrecy. 

The released stills show the life of Han Hyo Joo's character during her days as a secret agent and as the owner of a tonkatsu restaurant. 

Reflecting on her decision to act in Moving, Han Hyo Joo expressed her enthusiasm, stating, "There were various aspects of the character that could be presented in different periods, so I found it an incredibly interesting challenge to take". Furthermore, she revealed that she even practiced moving her ears to show her character's extraordinary sensory abilities, a detail that left everyone astonished. 

Director Park In Je extended his praise, remarking, "Considering her past performances and the roles she has played, I believed she could handle it perfectly. I am truly grateful for her outstanding performance".

Additionally, action director Ryu Sung Cheol heightened curiosity with his remark on Han Hyo Joo's gun action scenes in the latter part of the series, dubbing her a female 'John Wick', applauding her perfect posture and grip on firearms.

Lee Jung Ha, who plays her on-screen son, also commended their chemistry, sharing, "She guided me extensively and made it comfortable for me to act without any pressure".  

Moving tells the story of children with supernatural abilities and their parents protecting them from being exploited by the world. 

The series is set to premiere on Disney+ on August 9th, with a simultaneous release of seven episodes worldwide, followed by a weekly release of two episodes.