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You know, I'm actually on semi-hiatus right now, because I decided to take a small break from social media and to focus more on watching dramas. But when I started watching Angel's Last Mission: Love, I knew that I should ignore my hiatus because I need to express my opinion about this drama which is such a masterpiece and I believe it should be appreciated!

      WARNING! The article might contain spoilers from episode 1 - 4 (2 - 8)!      


Dan (L) is an angel who always gets in trouble. One day, he makes a mistake and saves Lee Yeon Seo (Shin Hye Sun) - cold and single-minded ballerina, who is also blind. In order to correct that mistake of his, Dan is given a mission - he has to make Yeon Seo fall in love. Then, unexpectedly, he falls in love with her.


Let me start with the fact that I'm usually not the biggest fan of fantasy dramas. Not that I don't like the genre at all - I enjoy watching fantasy movies and reading fantasy books. But when it comes to dramas, I have some worries, since the plot can be easily messed up (e.g the currently airing drama Abyss which I don't like at all). So reading the synopsis (which sounds pretty average if I have to be honest) I kind of hesitated whether I should start it or not. Now that I'm watching it, I can't believe I even hesitated! Don't judge the drama by the summary, it does not give justice to it at all! Everything is so well-balanced, we have perfect harmony, I can't believe how well they are handling all these genres - drama, romance, comedy, and fantasy. Sometimes it can be very depressing (since the female lead has quite a hard life), but at the same time, there are many stress-relieving moments that make us forget the sad ones.  For example, there is a scene in which Dan and Yeon Seo are fighting with each other and they say some very serious and painful things. I swear I almost teared up but then Yeon Seo suddenly threw food at Dan and I cracked up! It's almost insane how many different emotions this drama can bring - for one second you are sad, you are thinking about life and how you are wasting it, but then suddenly, you are smiling and laughing as if you are watching another show. I just love it!

Of course, the romance also does not disappoint! I enjoy every moment with Dan and Yeon Seo. I love how Dan supports her and believes in her, no matter how rude she is with him. He can somehow see through her cold appearance, he can see the pain and no matter how much he judges her, he never leaves her. Yeah, it is because of his mission and his desire to return to Heaven, but still, it is obvious that he truly cares for her. And Yeon Seo trusts him, and she trusts no one. She was badly hurt by the people around her so she is always afraid that she will be betrayed, that everyone will leave her in the end. But she trusts Dan. She is being herself with him. Where can you find such a great couple? They match each other perfectly, although they have very different personalities and opinions.

We actually have a second lead here which is surprisingly not a problem for me. I usually dislike second leads but, thank god, this is not the case here. How can I hate him when Lee Dong Gun is portraying him? No way! Why are you the second lead again is the important question here, hm... His name is Ji Kang Woo, but that's everything I will say about him because if I continue, I will spoil too much. His character is very important here so I just had to mention him. Not only is he the second lead, but we have a love triangle. Of course, it's not a lie that I ship the main leads, but Kang Woo is not annoying at all... so far.

The only thing I don't really like in this drama is how exaggerated Choi Young Ja's character is. She is Yeon Seo's aunt and she is supposed to be the antagonist here, I guess. She is evil, yeah, she treats Yeon Seo awfully. But it feels as if they are focusing too much on her wickedness and it's very distracting! The only point of her character here is to be evil. 

The actors and actresses are doing a perfect job so far. Especially kudos to Shin Hye Sun for portraying her character that brilliantly! It's hard to play a blind person, but she convinced me that she can't see at all, she is truly amazing! Of course, L (or Kim Myung Soo) is also doing a great job portraying the dorky, sweet angel Dan. He is really getting better though, I've seen him acting a few years ago and he wasn't that good at all. 

Shin Hye Sun as  Lee Yeon Seo
L (Kim Myung Soo) as Kim Dan
Lee Dong Gun as Ji Kang Woo
Do Ji Won as Choi Young Ja
Kim Bo Mi as Geum Ni Na


  • You like love triangles and you don't mind second leads (as I previously mentioned, the second lead guy is pretty cool here)
  • You like strong and different characters (beware of the fact that you might not like the characters at the beginning and some of them are difficult to understand)
  • You like ballet (since our female protagonist is a ballerina, there are many beautiful scenes of her and other girls dancing, I'm sure you'll enjoy that!) 
  • You are looking for good chemistry (Yeon Seo and Dan are too sweet!)

I will end this article here. It turned out to be very short. I have many more things to say, but if I do say, I will spoil too much. The drama has small plot twists even at the beginning which I couldn't predict and I don't want to ruin your expectations by spoiling everything. :c

So overall, Angel's Last Mission: Love is a drama that you shouldn't miss! It has great writing (I love the dialogues and the message the writer tries to convey), beautiful cinematography (as expected from the director of Queen For Seven Days and Healer), intriguing story, it's not slow-paced but it's not fast either, great cast with brilliant performances and, last but not least, great OST!

  If you are watching Angel's Last Mission: Love - What do you think about it so far? Do you like it or not and why? Do you ship Kim Dan and Yeon Seo or Kang Woo and Yeon Seo? Feel free to express your opinion. 

  If you are not watching Angel's Last Mission: Love   - Do you plan to? Did this article help you decide?

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