de Old_Anime_Lady, outubro 1, 2018

I remember the time I sat down to watch the first episode of Bleach on the Adult Swim block, featured on Cartoon Network. 10 seasons later and several chapters in the manga, I still love Ichigo and all of the Soul Society.

I watched the live-action movie BLEACH two times in one day. The first time was by myself to get my impression of the film (I loved 99% of the visuals) and the second time was with a group of 20 to 24-year-olds who shredded the crap out of it, but they still loved it.

The live-action movie introduces the main characters of the story and covers the first story arc of the manga.

So first, let's see if the people fit the look of the Anime.

As much as they could, they got the look right for Kurosaki Ichigo. Fukushi Sota has the perfect body type to portray the tall and lanky Ichigo. Attitude - spot on. The dynamic, with his dad and his sisters, was very reminiscent of the anime.  Even though I imagined the sisters older.
Group complaint: Ichigo's hair - not orange enough.

Sugisaki Hana plays the cold Kuchiki Rukia, that we meet at the beginning, perfectly. Biggest complaint would be the hairstyle. Because I've seen a lot of her works before, I knew this would be a good role for her. Personally, I think the actress did an excellent job.
Abarai Renji played by Saotome Taichi. The group I watched the movie with seemed to forget how formidable Renji was in the beginning. Before the respect for Ichigo. Before we see how much he is head over heels for Rukia. He is Captain Kuchiki's Lieutenant. Renji is one of my fave characters in this anime. I was not let down.
Kuchiki Byakuya is played by Miyavi. This was the one character I was most afraid of, looks wise... The hairpiece was odd, even in the anime. It was not bad.
Group Complaints were: Sword visible in Byakuya and Ichigo Fight. They sorta braided his hair.
Yoshizawa Ryo as Ishida Uryu. Ishida is Kurosaki Ichigo's natural born enemy. Not literally. All you need to know is that they are frenemies. Also, Ishida is a Quincy and Ichigo is a soul reaper.
Group Complaints were: The CGI of the bow.
Tanabe Seiichi as Urahara Kisuke. There was some debate over the colour of his tunic. Maroon in the live-action, green in the anime. And while Mr. Hat-and-Clogs didn't have a large role in this arc, in later story arcs he is essential in helping Ichigo become the hero of this story.
Koyanagi Yu as Sado Yasutora. Sometimes subbed as Chad, Chado, Sado, Sato. Biggest complaint would be that he was supposed to be a HUGE Mexican Japanese kid into boxing. Personally, I recognized the actor as Chad immediately, but others did not think he fit the part. Chad is a major factor in later arcs.
Mano Erina as Inoue Orihime is where the complaining just would not stop. Where's her red hair? It's not long enough and she is also missing her biggest feature. Orihime had very little to do with this story other than establishing that she has a major infatuation with Ichigo.

The CGI and wire works were evident, but they didn't make the movie worse. One kid was like, "It's as if I'm watching an anime!" He was the only guy in the room who had not seen the anime.

I think the story was handled well, though my group tore it to shreds. I must mention that they do it with every movie that they watch, that's what they enjoy.  

One poor kid was not familiar with the anime so we made him listen to us talking about every event from every story arc. It has been us, adults, just reminiscing about one of the coolest animes. 

I hope you will give this live-action movie a chance and give me feedback in the comments below!