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A lot happened this month. Still looking for people to write similar articles for the other countries on MDL.


 None this month.


  • On February 27, actress Hashimoto Manami (35) updated her blog announcing her first pregnancy. - TH
  • Joshima Shigeru (49) and Kikuchi Risa (24) welcomed a new child into their family.  - NT
  • Josei Jishin recently revealed that Yamada Yu (35) & Oguri Shun (37) who are currently residing in Los Angeles are expecting their third child next month. The two got married in 2012, gave birth to their first child in '14 and their second child in '17. - LALAINE
  • Becky (36) gave birth to her first child early this month. Her agency confirmed the reports after an interview with ORICON STYLE. The sex and birthdate of her baby have not been revealed. -Tokyo Hive


  •  Sengen Seizo, 1938 July 23 - 2020 March 1, movie cameraman, director of photography. Supporting member of the Japan Motion Picture Directors Association (JSC).

Someone spotted [Matsumoto]Jun and Ohno[Satoshi] filming something together!! -Num

Celebrity Mentions

  • Sashihara Rino thanks fan who sent her a mask. - NT
  • Why is Watanabe Mayu not appearing on TBS “UTAGE!”? - NT
  • Yahoo! Japan will donate for the reconstruction/recovery of the affected areas/residents of the Great Tohoku earthquake. 10 yen for every "3.11" search. Like Arashi, who keeps supporting them, we can also help by doing a simple search.  Click Link.
  • Yoshitaka Yuriko reportedly sent to a hospital via an ambulance after hitting her head during the filming of NTV drama "Shiranakute ii koto"; Episode 7 had a scene of her falling to the floor; she posted on her Twitter on 26th February that she was fine after a checkup. - Chiaki
  • Sato Takeru opens youtube account on March 18 with 677K subscribers as of March 19th - modelpress. This account is in addition to his weibo and LINE accounts
  • Yamashita Tomohisa does first Instagram Live Event on 3.21 at 9:30pm JST.
  • Yonekura Ryoko (44) announced that her contract with Oscar Promotion since 1992 would end on March 31, 2020. She’s very grateful for the 27 years of opportunities and guidance. New activities will be announced soon. - LALAINE
  • Kiko Mizuhara sexually harassed during a past photoshoot for SHISEIDO. - Arama
  • Buruzon Chiemi will be leaving Watanabe Entertainment on March 31. - Tokyo Hive
  • Comedian Shimura Ken of Tensai! Shimura Doubutsuen has tested positive for coronavirus (COVID-19). - Neotokyo


  • Former Johnny Jimusho member, Tsubasa Imai (38), has signed with Shochiku Entertainment. - NT
  • Johnny & Associates, Yonezu Kenshi, back number, Akanishi Jin, and More Cancel Events Due to Coronavirus - AJ. Second article poster on Mar 17th - Modelpress - with more performances cancelled until March 31st.
  • 2020.03.01 Arashi does an Impromptu Limited Live Broadcast タ コ ス パ ー テ ィ ー of their lunch break to entertain people staying home due to Co-V - Youtube (in Japanese). A second one was done on 03.19.
  • Unit “Kame to YamaPi” to release their first original album 「SI」 on April 29. “SI” is a familiar word in the lyrics of ‘Seishun Amigo” that if you turn it upside down, it becomes “15”. It’s been 15 years since ‘Seishun Amigo’ was released. - LALAINE - Tokyo Hive


  • Matsumoto Honoka and Seto Toshiki take the voice lead in upcoming "Kimi wa Kanata" animation movie. It will be Seto's voice acting debut. "Kimi wa Kanata" will see its release in Fall 2020. Sena Yoshinobu is directing. - K - Psycho-Drama





— ‘DIOR’ From Paris to Japan Event  
ryusei  ×  yuko

Seino Nana & Yokohama Ryuusei wrap up their filming for NTV Winter 2020 drama "Shiro demo kuro demonai sekai de, panda wa warau". - Chiaki

Koi wa Tsuzuku yo Doko Made mo wrap up

Toda Erika wraps up filming for NHK morning drama "Scarlet"; the last episode showing on 28th March 2020. - Chiaki

Yamazaki Kento at Wotakoi LA dinner party.  - ハズキ

Honda Nao standing next to super idol Kamenashi and they took this pic at the shooting site for a movie scheduled to be released this year. Hmm... Do they mean that Kame's new horror movie (Stigmatized Property) or? So, she's a lead actress then? - YooLeeNa  - credit on pic


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