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So this time we bring to you our best recommendations from the medical genre, concentrating on those that take place mostly in a clinical setting involving patients and doctors, including veterinarians. Some of us are doctors, but many more wanted to be one, or are just generally fascinated by medicine. Medicine is relevant to everyone's life. Still, the appeal of this genre is quite counter-intuitive as there is a lot of blood, deaths, and the intensive use of technical jargon, but maybe that is part of the appeal. :) 

The emergency treatment scenes or surgery scenes are no less intense than action scenes, an action that saves lives instead of taking them. With a slice of a scalpel, the careful tug of bipolar forceps, the right type and dose of anesthesia, the doctors often pull off miracles, something the world surely needs more of. The spirit of cooperation of teams and inter-dependency is such that even genius surgeons, a common feature of these dramas, need great teams to win. Yet, there is enough for those who need the pull of the outperforming hero in the story as there are so many stories of amazing doctors who pull off life-saving operations.

Offices may generally be great settings for romance dramas in general but medical facilities are at another level; the intensive and emotionally draining-nature of the job really brings people closer together. The atmosphere is charged with biology and chemistry as people trust each other mutually, and work long hours in close spaces in those cute hospital outfits. Sparks are bound to fly and we viewers are ready to watch, popcorn in hand. No wonder why so many doctors marry other doctors.

Enough talk, onward to our recommendations:

A young doctor returns to the side of his first love to fulfill a promise, but he doesn't have the guts to tell her.
Pregnant detective is placed on the case for a kidnapped baby but reveals so much more.
A young man finds out he has cancer and finally starts living his life for the short time he has left.
Tsundere Genius finds out he really wants friends.


Dramas: Code Blue, Code Blue 2, Code Blue 3, JIN, Voice, Doctor X (1,2,3,4,5), Umi no Ue no Shinryoujo, Black Pean, Juui Dolittle, Sakanoue Animal Clinic Story, Nagareboshi, A Life

Movies: Code Blue Special, Code Blue the Movie, In His Chart, In His Chart 2, Tengoku de Kimi ni Aetara, Yuuki, Young Black Jack. Drunken AngelRed Beard

Adventures and misadventures in the life of Dr. Aga, a young veterinarian who has inherited his brother's children.

Habang May Buhay is the first-ever Filipino "nurse-serye" set in the dramatic setting of a hospital (and various prisons) that mirrors life at its most intense. This series will also bring back the arch-rivalry of Judy Ann Santos and Gladys Reyes from the big hit teleserye, Mara Clara.
Bernadette falls in love with James, but he never loved her. Her obsession with James turned her to Ramon, a doctor similarly obsessed to a woman named Vanessa. He agreed to change her face according to her desire; unknown to her, the doctor fell madly in love with her that indulged them in dark tendencies.  
Entitled Sa Puso ni Dok, the medical drama shows the miserable state of a provincial hospital through the eyes of first-year resident Doc Gab or Gabrielle dela Cruz, to be played by actress Bela Padilla.

No Bonus for this section, Medical Dramas are scarce in the Philippines.

The failing universal healthcare system continues to put the lives of patients and doctors at risk. One victim resorted to blowing up the subway system to bring awareness to the issue. Dr. Xiao and others rushed to the scene to treat the survivors. While the doctors tried to save lives, the hospital used the disaster as an opportunity to boost their rating during the annual medicare assessment.

When President's only daughter, Liu Xin Ping, checked into the hospital for her chemotherapy treatment, the head of internal Medicine, Dr. Xu Da Ming, and the head of surgery, Dr. Tang Guo Tai, became the core members of the President's medical team. Both men planned to use this opportunity to prove themselves to be the best person for the hospital director's position.

A workplace misunderstanding cost perfectionist, Wu Ya Fan, her job. She returns to her hometown to work in her father's clinic. The small-town environment warms her big city heart. She slowly accepts that she is not infallible and her predisposition to Parkinson's Disease.


Dramas: Wake Up, White Robe of Love

Movies: Leaving Gracefully

This TV series will tell the story about what happens in the emergency department in the hospital.

A romantic comedy set during the reign of Rama 5 (Chulalongkorn).
Thong In is an experienced doctor who has treated many people. He has a grandson named Thong Ake who wants to become a traditional doctor. He also studies ancient Thai medicine.
Chaba is a tough and fearless girl. She prefers to fight with swords than do household chores. After meeting Thong Ake's grandfather, she becomes interested in traditional medicine and wants to become a doctor as well. Thong Ake starts teaching her and although they don't get along at first, they eventually fall in love.

Saitip, a psychologist providing counselling for kids and families, comes back home with a degree in Psychology and the willingness to work. Korn, son of a school owner, is to inherit the school business from his mom. He has to do everything to make his mom and the teachers accept him. He initiates a project 'Sweet Broken Home' to help five trouble- making kids who are about to get dismissed from the school. They all similarly come from broken homes. Korn must succeed in his project, or else the five kids would be dismissed. Saitip is hired as a new counselling teacher to help them solve this problem together.

Orachun, a millionaire, is a patient who falls in love with a nurse named Karakade. However, his love isn't easily reciprocated as Karakade follows the path of reality and not destiny.


Dramas: Wai Sab Saraek Kad 2, Love at First Hate, Khun Chai Puttipat  

TBA Dramas: Lai Kinnaree, My Ambulance

Movies: I Miss U 

Big White Duel focuses on the politics behind the healthcare industry in Hong Kong.

It centers on Dr. Yeung (Roger Kwok), the deputy director of Ming Shing North Hospital. He proposes a plan to completely change the hospital’s bureaucratic model but is met with opposition from Dr. Tong, head of the hospital’s cardiology department. Tong believed that Yeung’s proposed changes could affect the poor’s accessibility to healthcare.

Cheung Yat Kin just graduated and is prepared to practice in neurosurgery. He takes his work seriously and strictly follows the rules. His group of medical interns respects him just as much as they fear him. Kin wanted to fulfill his younger brother's, Cheung Yat Hong, wish to study medicine overseas, who suffers from a pair of paralyzed legs. Kin worked hard and concentrated on his job in order to save enough money and did not think about relationships at all until he met Fan Chi Yu.

Ko Lap Yan, the Senior Psychiatrist of Yan Wo Hospital, is a competent and kindhearted doctor who specializes in severe schizophrenia and even minor mental illness. Yan cures his patients by not only medication but also by psychological analysis. He diagnoses the cause with reference to the symptoms.

In this intense thriller, a psychiatrist has to battle against his own patient. His mental strength is put to the test against a past patient gone criminal.


Dramas: The Hippocratic Crush II, A Great Way to Care II, Angel in-the-Making, The Last Breakthrough, Healing Hands, Healing Hands II, Healing Hands III, Witness to a Prosecution, Witness to a Prosecution II, My Family Doctor, The White Flame, Life on the Line, All That is Bitter is Sweet

Movies: Dr. Mack, Doctor's Heart

Is it possible to search for answers to a death that occurred almost 30 years ago? Zhuang Su is a successful cardio-thoracic surgeon who has been practicing in the United States. He returns to work at a general hospital in China to find answers to a malpractice case that happened 29 years ago that resulted in the death of a patient.

Qin Ming's assistant resigned because of his unbearable and quirky temper. Li Dabao of the Department of Mark Inspection was ordered to join the working group. In the beginning, Qin doesn't trust the girl but later he found she has very good reasoning and observation capabilities and has a very sensitive sense of smell. The critical Qin decide to have her on the board. Later on, Qin along with his detective friend Tai Po and assistant Lin Tao uncovered a variety of bizarre cases.

A drama about the professional and personal lives of a diverse group of physicians. Among them are renowned surgeon Sima Bo Ming, and Han Zi Hang, a young cardiac surgeon who's just completed his training in the U.S.

Jiao Jia Ren was saved by pediatrician Gu Li Feng as a child and followed in his footsteps as a young adult. Aware of her talent and potential, Gu Li Feng, now the director of the top children’s hospital in the city, bends the rules to take her in as a registrar. Surrounded by a group of elite specialists at her new workplace, Jiao Jia Ren is no longer the cream-of-the-crop and works extra hard to make up for the gap in skill level.

Dramas: Medical Examiner Dr. Qin 2, Medical Examiner Dr. Qin: The Survivor, The Imperial Doctress, Legend of Yun Xi, Seven of Me, Muggle vs Genius, Dynasty Doctor, Love of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Love of Obstetrics and Gynecology 2, Angel Heart, Obstetrician, Grow Up, Accoucheul, Healing Souls, Emergency Department Doctors, Psychologist, The Young Doctor, Angelo, From Survivor to Healer, Children's Hospital Pediatrician, Super Medical Resident, Prodigy Healer, Emergency Room, Vigorous Life, May I Love You 

TBA Dramas: Falling in Love With You is The Best Thing I Have Ever Done, Little Doctor, Healer of Children 

Movies: Sentence Me Guilty 

Dr. Seo sets out to find a little girl who was infected with HIV because of an error made by his deceased girlfriend. Lee Young Shin is the mother of a little girl who struggles to care for her sick father and help her daughter lead a normal life. Dr. Seo who had set out to help the family, in turn, starts healing from the warmth of the family.

This is a story of three people working in a hospital and their own circumstances. Lee Jae Wook is a reserved physical therapist. Woo Bo Young, who once aspired to be a poet is now a physical therapist because of her family situations. Shin Min Ho is a cocky young man who becomes a physical therapist because he could not get into a medical school.

Kim Sa Bu, once a famous surgeon, now works in a hospital in a remote town. Seo Jung is a young surgeon haunted by her past. Kang Dong Joo is a doctor who seeks VIP patients to climb up the ladder. This story is about how Teacher Kim helps Dong Joo and Seo Jung find themselves and help others along the way.

Soo Myung and Seung Min meet at a psychiatric hospital. Soo Myung is hospitalized due to Schizophrenia caused by her mother's suicide, while Seung Min is forcibly put in the facility by his family who is trying to claim his inheritance. Their friendship blooms as they try to break out of the hospital.


Dramas: Doctor John, Doctor Prisoner, Good Doctor, God's Quiz, God's Quiz Season 2. God's Quiz Season 3, God's Quiz Season 4, God's Quiz: Reboot, D-Day, Life, Heart Surgeons, Partners for Justice, Jejoongwon, Cross, Doctor Stranger, Doctors, Hospital Ship, Horse Doctor, Sign, Dr. Frost, Brain, New Heart, Surgeon Bong Dal Hee, The 3rd Ward, The Virus, Blood, White Tower, Dr. Gang, Syndrome, Doctor Detective

TBA Dramas: Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 2, A Wise Doctor's Life, Secret, Chocolate, School Nurse Ahn Eun Young, Doctor Brain

Movies: The Flu, Return, Doctor K, Blossom, General Hospital the Movie: A Thousand Days, Love Clinic. Love 911, Shoot My Heart

TBA Movies: #Alone

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