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Hello again from the writers of Ask MDL. We are back with the August edition of the series. We would like to thank everyone who has suggested future topics or has added in the comments shows we have missed.
Also, we have a new writer this month: CamilaNicole will now be representing Thailand. Yay!

The question presented to us was by anushka:

"Maybe a food concept in future months?"

This month's topic is food so we scrambled to find the best dramas and movies our countries have to offer on the subject. Seems a lot of our writers prefer to eat food rather than watch dramas about it. *lol*

A woman gets asked by a customer to pretend to be his fiance for his family.  And then he disappears leaving her with them.

A chef for a diplomat at the Japanese embassy in Vietnam. his job is to convey messages via food for ambassadors.

A girl of 23 years is the "Okami" of a long-standing traditional Japanese restaurant that does things the old fashion way.

Set during the Japanese Invasion and occupation of Manchuria during the 1930's at the Imperial General Headquarters in the puppet state of Manchukuo.


- dramas: Bartender, Kami no Shizuku, Saboriman Kantarou, Shitsuren Chocolatier, Bambino!, A Boy and His Samurai, Koshoku Robot, Delicious Gakuin.

- movies: What's For Dinner, Mom? (Not Subbed), Bittersweet, Our Little Sister.

- recommended to me, but I ran out of time to watch:
Little Forest: Summer & Autumn, Little Forest: Winter & Spring, Tenno no Ryoriban, Suki na Hito ga Iru Koto, Hungry!, Midnight Diner, Midnight Diner 2, Shinya Shokudo - Tokyo Stories, Shinya Shokudo 2, Shinya Shokudo 3, Mondai no Aru Restaurant, My Little Chef, Nobunaga No Chef, Nobunaga No Chef Season 2, Patisserie Coin De Rue, Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san, Ms. Koizumi Loves Ramen Noodles SP, 2016 Nenmatsu SP, Wakako Zake, Wakako Zake Season 2, Wakako Zake Season 3, Teppan Shoujo Akane!!, Antique, Zettai Kareshi, Zettai Kareshi Special, Shota no Sushi, Sushi Oji!, Sushi King Goes to New York, Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai, Tampopo, Sweet Bean, Rinco's Restaurant, The Chef of South Polar, Kamome Diner, The Flavor of Green Tea over Rice, Kazoku Game (1983 Movie), Glasses, Dreams for Sale, A Tale Of Samurai Cooking - A True Love Story.

Fraternal twins live very different lives in the food business.

A young boy, his favourite snack, and what happens when war changes everything.

Follow the squabbles of Jacko and Cassie as they rediscover Negrense cuisine.
Idol Pick:
LizQuen (Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil loveteam) star as Xander and Agnes, whose love story unfolds in the midst of strawberries.


- dramas: I am Kim Samsoon/Ako si Kim Samsoon.

I usually avoid long dramas and even though I watched this for Vanness and chocolate, I ended up enjoying it. It's a drama full of different chocolate flavours: sweet, bitter, spicy, sour, etc.

Two childhood friends get reunited when they both are working in the same restaurant: one is a highly skilled French chef and while the other is an assistant chef fighting for a promotion.

I was pleasantly surprised by the exquisite and pretty dishes from this drama.

As two complete opposites struggle to create mesmerizing meals, they eventually discover that cooking with gas requires more than technical skills and bravado. In fact, romance just may be the secret ingredient they have been searching for all along.

I really enjoyed the relationships between the main leads and the students.

Idol Pick: 

I mainly watched this for Park Jung Min and desserts. It was cute but cheesy and cringe at times. It's been a few years since I watched, but I think I remember some Korean food in there, too. 

If you like desserts, eye-candies and a fluffy story, this is for you.


- dramas: The Perfect Match, Rolling Love, Sweet Relationship, A Hint Of You, Taste Of Love, The Late Night Stop.

- movies: Eat Drink Man Woman, Zone Pro Site: The Moveable Feast, Cooking Without Clothes

Hola! Hello, I’m CamilaNicole, but y’all can call me Mila! I’m a university student from Puerto Rico who loves Asian dramas! I fell in love with Asian dramas and music about two years ago and I’m so glad I did! 

I’m still pretty new at Thai dramas, but my love for them is big! I hope my suggestions will help you fall in love with Thai dramas too!

A student from the Faculty of Culinary Art and another from the Faculty of Art majoring in Dramatic Arts end up as roommates!

An actor and a baker live to make fairy-tale romances happen but their own romances have crashed and burned. Their meeting might just be a recipe for happy ever after!

A baking blogger falls in love at first sight, but when he insults her baking skills, she decides to take revenge. Things get more complicated when she figures out he's her new neighbour!

Idol Pick:

An actress losing popularity is offered an opportunity to have a cooking show. The only problem is she doesn't know how to cook! She hires a foul-mouth chef to teach her and during those lessons, their relationship starts to


- dramas: Oh My Ghostess (upcoming remake), Thayat Thongyip.

- movies: My Father's Menu, Pad Thai Story.

A competition between two restaurants that must cook dishes for the Chinese feast of Qing and Han. Who will win?

So many mouth-watering dishes and the cooking techniques were so interesting.

A cooking duel to win her man and free him from his mum. This movie has plenty of delicious food and comedy.


 Chef Bill Kei is fired after exposing his boss scandal and ends up as a private investigator in his step-sister's private investigation agency. But there's a catch: he must convince the 'Golden Tongue' Mak Sai aka Inspector Gourmet to join the agency and also cook for him every day. With two more people joining them, they form an odd detective team and start solving cases while presenting us with delicious food.

The hilarious battle between a BBQ roast duck restaurant and a fast-food that sells chicken.


- dramas: Yummy Yummy, Recipes To Live By, A Taste Of Love, Inspector Gourmet, Happy Ever After, A Recipe For The Heart, The Gateau Affairs, Food Of Love, The Rippling Blossom.

- movies: Hooked On You, The Marvelous Cook. 

The story follows a mysterious chef and his late-night dinner open from midnight to dawn, featuring ordinary stories from his patrons every night as they chatter and eat the one requested dish.

Happy Noodle is about an aspiring noodle chef, Korean Cuisine Master En Ying, and Chinese Fencer Athlete Zhang Lin. and his journey to success, and their journey together.

Successful businessman Jiaqiao (Francis Ng) contentedly floats between two women, one mature and sexy (Yu Nan), the other young and beautiful (Jiang Yiyan).  

Idol Pick:

Lee Da Hae is Wang Xiao Xia, a naturally talented chef who works part-time jobs to scrape by as she supports her nephew Yang Guang.  


- dramas: Beauty Private Kitchen, Lonely Gourmet: Taipei, Beautiful Woman (upcoming), Mr. Delicious Miss. Match (upcoming), Delicious Destiny, Solaso Bistro, Gui Mi Jia Dao, Full House Of Happiness, The Second Sight Fall In Love (upcoming), Shen Ai Shi Tang, Kiss, Love And Taste (upcoming), Hua Jian Ti Hu Fang Da Chu, Back Kitchen, You Lan Hu Zhi Yu Chu Jia Dao, You Lan Hu Zhi Yu Chu Jia Dao 2, Cinderella Chef, Meet In Youth Love in Foods.

- movies: Green Tea, Les Aventures D'Anthony, Eat Drink Man Woman 2, Cook Up A Storm, This Is Not What I Expected, Little Canteen, My Kitchen Lover.

This is your classic gender bender. A girl disguises herself as a guy, and works in a coffee shop, and thus ensues their funny and hilarious love story. It's a 2007 drama and a hit and miss as well - but back in the days, it was in the recommended starter's pack of K-dramas. It's full of fluff and comedy, as love and friendship brew in the cafe.

This is a relaxing movie about the healing power of food. A girl moves from the city to her hometown in the countryside looking for a simple and relaxing life. The movie stands out for its cinematography and simplicity.

Narcissistic student, a clumsy teacher/restaurant owner and a godlike second male lead. All the drama cliches - boy bullies girl, boy chases girl, boy continues teasing girl while the second lead cherishes her - and a silly love story is cooked.
Warning: Might lead to a serious case of SLS.

The reason I started watching it - Jung Il Woo. The reason I continued watching it - Toilet Humour.
Idol Pick:

Warning: Do not watch it with an empty tummy as it might result in an extreme case of binge-eating. Do not watch it if you're single, or it might lead to exceptionally high expectations of men. Do not watch it if you're seeing someone, as it will lead to exceptionally high... you know!

This movie is basically food porn -  and at the same time, a story about healing and living on. A story about 4 men running a cake shop and trying to make the best of what life has to offer. It is sweet, funny as well as emotional.

There is friendship and some BL - and the cast is hot and delicious!

 I meant the food, not people. People are just hot and...


- dramas: Drinking Solo, Let's Eat, Let's Eat-2, Let's Eat-3, My Name is Kim Sam Soon, Oh My Ghostess, I Order you, Warm and Cozy, Panda and Hedgehog, Wok of Love, Pasta, Jewel in the Palace, King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo, Legendary WitchMy Romantic Some Recipe.

Food Gallery

The Chinese Feast: Bear Paw on Snow

The Last Recipe

Omurice from Lunch Queen


Taishi Kakka no Ryourini

Love Cuisine

 Antique Bakery

Suddenly It's Magic

Pleasantly Surprised

Fondant Garden

Did we make you hungry? 

What other shows have we missed? 

Please leave a comment below!

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