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Asakawa Nana and Iijima Hiroki cast as main leads for the upcoming Japanese drama "Akuma to Love Song"

Based on the manga of the same name by Tomori Miyoshi, the story revolves around Kawai Maria, played by Asakawa Nana, who was transferred from a top-notch all-girl's Catholic school to a co-ed school. Maria is known for having a cold personality which estranges her from her classmates. She says what she wants, albeit too bluntly and harsh, even when she intends to help others. Her arrogant façade and point blank statements are the reasons why she is despised by most people. Although she maintains this air of superiority, she actually yearns for acceptance and friendship. Maria hopes for a fresh start. On her first day, Maria is introduced to Kanda Yusuke and Meguro Shin, two unlikely friends. Yusuke pretends to be cheerful and fun-loving, but in reality, he is uninterested in many things and people. In contrast, Shin acts cold and distant, but can secretly be quite caring. Maria becomes aware of Shin's skills and talent for the piano, making Maria open up her solitary world. The moving coming-of-age manga that showcases a fierce, dynamic heroine who speaks her mind was serialized in Biweekly Margaret (Shueisha) from 2007 -2011. 

The drama will be helmed by Yokoo Hatsuki, while Yoshida Erika, Okazaki Satoko, and Hiruta Naomi will be in charge of the screenplay. Reportedly, it will have total of 8 episodes which is scheduled for a June 2021 release, and will exclusively be distributed on Hulu.

Comment by Original Manga Author Tomoshi Miyori


I have already seen the shooting site once.
Shooting during the pandemic was very challenging, but I was very impressed by the enthusiasm for each person's acting and the gentle and insistence of the director! The original is more than 10 years old, but I think it was good that it was modified to suit the current era. Please take a look at the acting of the actors who have the perfect image of the character, but even more attractive!

Comment by Asakawa Nana 


When I heard this story, it was my first time taking the lead in a serial drama after a long time, so I was very honored, and at the same time, I heard that it was the second work of a three-piece live-action series, so I was under pressure.
When I read the original story, I felt that the story of music as a key, such as songs such as "Ave Maria" and "Amazing Grace" and the piano, was very new to me. "Singing, I have to do my best" ... Also, the Kawai Maria I play is a character who doesn't laugh so much, so I had a lot of thoughts about how to express my emotions.
I received voice training two months before the shooting started, but during that time, I became a little more confident about the song I was not confident at first, and it seems like the fear of singing that I originally had. Since I was able to wipe out things, I feel that I have grown one by myself. Also, I think that the voice of Maria and the image of Maria that people read are different, so while reviewing the script and the original, such as changes in Maria's facial expressions and feelings, nuances, etc., I made my own image of Maria.
Thanks to the mood maker's director and assistant director for shooting, I think that the team is very comfortable at the scene, enjoys what they enjoy, and does what they do well.
I will do my best to make the original "A Devil and Her Love Song" a live-action film. 

Asakawa Nana was a former member of SUPER☆GiRLS. She initially joined iDOL Street as a street-sei on June 12, 2011. She was also a former member of GEM but didn’t make the final line-up. She was given the title “Once in 1,000 years baby-faced."

She appeared in dramas and films Bokura wa Koi ga Hetasugiru, Kaikan Install, Kaguya-sama: Love Is War, and its sequel to be released in 2021.

Comment by Iijima Hiroki


When I heard about my casting, I had never played the role of a normal high school student at a school, so I was excited even before the crank-in in terms of trying new things.
I was preparing, practicing the piano since two months ago because it was the role of playing the piano, so I was even more excited to start shooting.
I read the script first, then read the original, hoping that it could be used as a reference. I hope that the scriptwriter will respect and cherish both what was written in discussions with the director and the thoughts of the original author, and play what he felt.
I play Shin Meguro, who looks like a very cold character if I make a mistake. It's quiet, but I also have a 17-year-old side that seems to be a high school student, so I'd like to try to bring out that kind of thing, and I also want to value the contrast of the character with Kanda Yusuke. Meguro Shin is a little spiky, but he is a very straightforward child. However, there are many times when I can't say what I want to say...
At that time, I personally think "I should say it", but I thought that I could have said it when I was a student, or maybe I couldn't say it unexpectedly. While making use of my experience as a student, I am making Meguro characters while absorbing what the cast members around me produce. I also practiced playing the piano so that I could actually play it, not dubbed it.
I feel that the shooting site is bright and very powerful.
From now on, all the cast staff will do their best to make a wonderful work. 

Hiroki Iijima was born in Hokkaido, he played basketball, and once part of a volleyball circle at Osaka High School. While working on a part-time job at an apparel store on 2015, Iijima won the Grand Prix at the 28th Junon Super Boy Contest and he is currently attending Otani University. In 2016 he took the lead role in the series Kamen Rider Ex-Aid.

His previous works are Rekishi Meikyuu Kara no Dasshutsu, My Love, My Baker, Beautiful Dreamer, and Tsunagare Radio: Our Rainy Days.

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