de Lily Alice, janeiro 3, 2024

SBS dropped a teaser of its upcoming action thriller FlexxCop

FlexxCop follows the story of Jin Yi Soo, an immature man from a chaebol family who becomes a detective in the violent crime department and solves cases by exploiting the privileges that come with his wealth and status.

The series boasts a stellar cast lineup, including Ahn Bo Hyun (as Jin Yi Soo), Park Ji Hyun (as Lee Kang Hyun), Kang Sang Jun (as Park Joon Young), and Kim Shin Bi (as Choi Kyung Jin), among others.

The teaser intercuts between Jin Yi Soo's "rich young man" and "Detective" personas.

It begins with Jin Yi Soo carrying out a shootout. After he succeeds in his mission, Jin Yi Soo's older brother Jin Seung Joo (Kwak Si Yang) tells him, "That guy you caught was a murderer."

Jin Yi Soo asks, "Am I going to get a medal of honor for being a brave citizen or something?" Jin Seung Joo, on the other hand, surprises him by saying, "You're going to be a police officer. Everything has already been settled with the higher-ups. Consider it like playing a cop."

Jin Yi Soo arrives for his first day of work at the violent crimes unit driving a stylish car. He meets team leader Lee Kang Hyun (Park Ji Hyun), who, upon seeing him, asserts that Yi Soo is an untrained citizen and an immature son of a chaebol family, bound to cause trouble no matter what.

Jin Yi Soo gets a warning from Lee Kang Hyun, "This is different from the movies." But he coolly responds, "It was the same, though. You chase the culprit, there's a lot of action, you take them into custody, and then things quiet down."

The teaser concludes with Jin Yi Soo saying, "I will continue to use all of [our company's] resources to catch the culprit in the future as well." He then says to a criminal, "I'll take you somewhere where neither your money nor your connections can help you."

FlexxCop is scheduled to premiere on January 26. The K-drama will be made available on Disney+. Watch the teaser below