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Some are couples, some are just friends, some are a team but their chemistry is undeniable and left watchers, including me, craving for more. I would die to see these actors below work together again even though it's been a while for some of them and the possibility of another duo is slim but let's cross fingers and pray, hopefully, it would come true.


  • Some of these ships may not be so popular but it's my personal picks of duos I love and ship.
  • It is mostly couples in the list.
  • All of the dramas mentioned were released before 2016 except for one (2018) that I couldn't help but mention <3.
  • This is about the chemistry btw the actors not the characters.
  • There is a total of 15 duos so the list is long but I'll try to be brief.


Marcus Chang   &  Eugenie Liu

Behind Your Smile

Aren't they just adorable together? Whether as Yi Ting and Xin Yu (their characters in the drama) or as Marcus and Eugenie (themselves) their chemistry is killing!! I would love to see them work together again as a couple. They can definitely deliver an enjoyable performance and get a spot on my list of TOP drama lovebirds like they did before. Idk how popular this couple was but all I know is that they can make any drama special!! I mean take a look at their pics, aren't they the perfect pair? <3 

Moon Geun Yong   &  Kim Jae Wook

Mary Stayed Out All Night

Mary Stayed Out All Night on We Heart It

"Second lead syndrome" hit me like a truck in this drama and let me tell you, it's really RARE for me to ship the FL with the SML or any other guy except the ML but I couldn't help it. All I ever wanted was to fulfill her father's wishes in the drama and have them get married. They fit together so well, like puzzle pieces, and I can't deny the butterflies flying in my tummy whenever they kiss, hug, touch, or even just get close to one another!! I need more of their sweetness and love!! This is the couple I would pay to become their third wheel.

Elvis Han  &  Sun Yi

Siege In Fog

Will I ever get over this couple? The answer is simple, NEVER!! I can't count how many times I re-watched their scenes, downloaded plenty of pics from Siege In Fog, nothing works and I still can't get enough of my always nb°1 couple!! I pray all the time that they get paired up again soon so my soul can be in peace. I would love if, in their new project, he will be a general and she can be a spy, how lovely would that be, I can write millions of scenarios of them bc they are just unique and they alone can carry a show and make me love it, even with the simplest and most cliché plot. They are a match made in heaven, they make my heart beat faster and I'm not sure it's there over the moon chemistry, their roles as Qin Sang and Lian Kai, or their story in the drama that affected me so much, but I'm 100% sure that I want to see them together again!!

Jeon So Min  &  Ha Seok Jin

Something About 1%

One Percent of Anything - Hushang

This drama was as classic and cliché as it can get but this lovely couple still made it one of my most memorable dramas with not only their smooth natural relationship in the drama but also their chemistry that had me smiling from ear to ear like a creep whenever they appear on the screen. It didn't help when I've seen them on a TV show 2gether and I knew that they have to get paired up again for the sake of my heart and for me to stop dreaming about how much I love them and how cute they look by each other's side, my love for them only grows with each passing day.

 Aaron Yan &  Puff Kao

Just You

Jasmine's Perfil- MyDramaList

I'm really glad that I wasn't the only one rooting for them and dreaming about another drama where they get to be our sweet OTP again. It's like they were born to be together. The least they could do for me, after killing me with their humor and chemistry, is to deliver another performance that will for sure steal my heart as it did before bc if not for them, Just You would've been dull and boring. I remember when they had conflicts in the drama, my heart cracked and all I ever wanted was for them to go back to being the cute silly couple that made my day.

Lee Joon Gi  &  Jung Kyung Ho

Time Between Dog And Wolf

With these two phenomenal actors 2gether, do I even have to watch the drama to know they nailed it? I'll be watching it after finishing Flower Of Evil though, but the shining bro-chemistry I saw in their pictures and a few clips convinced me that they need to bless us with a new performance. I don't watch shows that were released before 2010 (I've seen many dramas older than that when I was a kid but not anymore since the filmography, quality,... everything radically changed) but I'm definitely turning a blind eye to this rule for them (and other LJG movies)!! Even though it's been so long, I'm not losing hope.

Tosaka Hiroomi  &  Nounen Rena

Hot Road (movie) 

Tosaka Hiroomi (登坂広臣) - MyDramaList

A motorcycle bad boy and an innocent introvert girl, sounds like a typical couple, right? Well, it felt this way when I read the movie's plot but how wrong I was!! Not only did the movie turn out to be amazing, but these two made it on a whole new level, they were the perfect definition of young deep love. And my obsession with this ship would never fade, not when their chemistry is still as strong as in the movie. She still has these innocent beautiful features and he still gives the vibes of a motorcycle gangster more like a charismatic mafia boss, perfectly complementing each other.

Kim So Eun  &  Kim Bum

Boys Over Flowers

Pin on K Drama

Do I even need to introduce them? They epitomize love even more than Romeo and Juliet. They had the potential and chemistry to be an iconic couple, they are not famous enough, but BOF's plot and trashy womanizer guy cliché killed the beauty of the couple, at least this is what I think!! And I cannot wait for them to reunite again in a drama that will make their overflowing chemistry shine and take my breath away!! I don't need Oxygen I need them and the sooner the better. If this ever happened, their new project wouldn't need much effort to top the rates and views and become a hit!!

Tiffany Tang  &  Viola Mi

My Sunshine

Sismance goals!! Watching them interact in the drama had me wishing to have a best friend who's as strong and sassy as Viola's character or as loyal and warm as Tiffany's character. If they were cast in a new series as best friends, I would love if the main focus would be on their bond bc on a scale from 1 to 10, the chemistry of the two actresses is an 11. Seeing how almost no one mentioned how amazing their friendship was or how lovely these two were together, I can't help but feel disappointed that such a special pair was easily forgotten face to romance. 

Lee Jong Suk  &  Jin Se Yeon

Doctor Stranger

K-DRAMA ÖNERİLERİ - 7- Doctor Stranger - Wattpad

PS:  I ship a heartbeat couple and that will never change. I love Jin Se Yeon and Jae Hee is one of my fav FLs. So pls no hate to this couple or any comments about the other ship or the SFL bc my opinion about her (she's one of the worst characters I've ever seen) won't change and I already went through this when I talked about Jae Hee in a previous article so for further details u can click here KKdrama UO about 3 misunderstood FLs

This drama had all elements to become a hit such as an incredible love story and the breathtaking chemistry between the actors of the OTP, too bad the writing ruined everything, and instead of taking advantage of this wonderful pair, it drained all the colors and brightness out of it. But that didn't stop me from loving and shipping them in both drama and reality. They make me feel all warm and fuzzy and only when they appear, I'm interested in what's happening (I mean the drama). Just the mere thought of the possibility of them getting cast together again makes my insides jump around in the best way. 

Kim Jae Kyung  &  Sung Hoon

Noble, My Love

Noble, My Love-KDrama - Blogue de AsianDramaFilm11NOBLE, MY LOVE Ep 18 - Sexy in the Kitchen animated gif

Another "be a doctor and have bangs to get the hottest guy", but the two portraying the main characters made it special and much more than the "common trope" that it is. In the drama, they looked like the cutest fairytale couple but in reality, they look like an A-class couple, at the same time they could easily pass as the Korean ver of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Their chemistry is electrifying and I would love to see them stir me up and get me squealing and grinning like a fool again in a new series.

Lee Sung Kyung  &  Nam Joo Hyuk

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

Crush [NAM JOO HYUK X LEE SUNG KYUNG] - Update - Wattpad

It was so hard choosing pics for this couple, bc no matter what place they were in, clothes they wore, items they promoted, position, or the angle they chose,... they look stunning like a ray of sunshine on a dreary day!! I'm eager to see more of them in the future hopefully since this couple's chemistry and sweetness is still the center of attention and conversations even after 4yrs of their last project together, I'm not surprised though the drama was amazing and the actors were made to portray the loving young couple that would do anything but let go of each other.

Nam Gyu Ri  &  Jung Kyung Ho

Cruel City

Heartless City (Moojung Doshi) - Episode 10 (A SqueeCap)

Another wonderful couple whose story got ruined by poor writing, total neglection and other things I don't wanna mention for spoiler reasons!! The very few scenes they had only rubbed salt to my wound and I was left craving for more of them. Their cold-hot relationship was weird and complicated but the actors' intense chemistry made it bearable, it's also the only reason I ship them. They never had those sweet moments couples usually have in other dramas so their new project better makes up for that, so I can have some memorable romantic moments of them in my memory.

Lee Dong Wook  &  Gong Yoo


Dramabeans Korean drama recaps
Gong Yoo invité au nouveau talk-show de Lee Dong Wook !

me and Yin when we use inside jokes

Their bromance, that turned drama land upside-down, was a gift from Heaven!! The hilarious duo, whose friendship on and off set is adored by fans including me, portrays how best friends really are. Whenever they are around, everything else within the frame falls away and suddenly colors seem brighter and jokes seem funnier. Considering how popular they are, I'm sure my wish will come true sooner rather than I expected!! If you miss them as much as I do, watch Lee Dong Wook’s talk show where the first-ever guest was Gong Yoo. (if this isn't a sign from the Goblin himself LOL)

Kevin Yan  &  Song Yi

Love In Han Yuan

Their love story in the drama was epic (a moment of silence for one of my fav FLs of all time)!! Somehow they make time stop and fly by at the same time and I suddenly found myself in the last ep but nowhere near ready to let go of them!! One is handsome and charming, the other is the definition of beauty, conclusion is incredible compatibility that's screaming for a second project hopefully set in the Republican Era bc damn she looks marvelous in the drama outfits (in anything actually) and he was born to wear a suit <3 

That's it for now! Hope u enjoyed it <3

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