de Hazel Jung, setembro 15, 2023

The upcoming MBC drama A Good Day to Be a Dog is a fantasy romance that tells the story of a woman cursed to turn into a dog when she kisses and the only man who can break the curse, but who happens to be afraid of dogs. It is based on the beloved Naver webtoon of the same name by Lee Hye.

The drama has garnered attention with its unique concept of turning into a dog with a kiss. The released stills on September 15th feature Park Gyu Young in her role as Han Hae Na, who is a high school Korean teacher and cursed to transform into an adorable dog named "Gae Na" (a combination of "dog" and "Hae Na").

As she gazes at her mobile phone, lost in thought, Hae Na suddenly transforms into the small and cute Gae Na, stealing everyone's attention. The adorable sparkling eyes of Gae Na, ideally in sync with Park Gyu Young, will surely capture hearts and bring smiles to viewers' faces.

In another still, Gae Na is dressed in a checkered skirt and a yellow hat. Hae Na's intent to capture something is hinted at as she earnestly looks into the camera attached to the dog hat. This raises curiosity about the backstory between Park Gyu Young and Gae Na, connected by a peculiar curse.

With the release of these stills, A Good Day to Be a Dog promises an exciting fantasy romance and aims to resonate with dog lovers, creating anticipation for the adorable antics that Hae Na and Gae Na will display in the upcoming episodes.

A Good Day to Be a Dog is scheduled to premiere on October 11th at 9PM KST.