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All the movies on this list were released before 2016. The descriptions are short and not too specific. I believe not knowing details adds to the watching experience. The trailers have been added for most films, so you can get a taste of what they are like, before deciding whether to watch them or not.  :)

A Crowd Of Three


Country: Japan           Released: 2010           Genre: Crime, Drama, Friendship, Life, Youth

Why watch?
People familiar with the work of Ando Sakura (and family) know that she has a knack for appearing in unusual movies that have a certain amount of personality. A Crowd Of Three is no exception. It has a strong undercurrent of psychological difficulties and troubles, but focuses on the development of the three main characters and how they interact with each other.

Must watch if you liked…

After The Banquet


Country: Korea          Released: 2009           Genre: Friendship, Drama

Why watch?
At first glance, this movie seems to be pretty run-of-the-mill. A family issue occurs, the characters want to solve it. Simple right? Not so much. It’s a movie that gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling because there’s more to it than meets the eye. The friendships and relationships aren’t one-levelled, they are alive and the dynamic can be breathtaking.

Must watch if you liked…


-Two Weddings And A Funeral



Country: Japan           Released: 2015           Genre: Drama, Romance

Why watch?
Chocolietta is a peculiar movie. It won’t be for everyone but if you appreciate a good arthouse movie, you might just love this one. It really takes you on a journey through Chiyoko’s mind, and it is a bit of trip at that. It can be a bit confusing, and at first, you might not be able to pinpoint the direction nor intention of this movie. If you’re patient it will become (slightly) clearer.

Must watch if you liked…

  • - Amama

      - My Rainy Days

First Time


Country: China           Released: 2012           Genre: Drama, Romance, Tragedy

Why watch?
This movie is basically the Chinese remake of …ing. If you’ve seen it, than you will like this version. First Time focuses more on the relationship at first and then progresses explaining how things have come to be, revealing the background later on. It might be a bit confusing at first, but it is definitely worth the watch.

Must watch if you liked…

  1. -  …ing

      -  Back to 20



Country: Korea          Released: 2013           Genre: Drama, Family

Why watch?
Hope. Oh, this movie has moved me to tears multiple times over. The social and psychological troubles and the shaky family-balance in this movie just went straight to my heart. Although it may be hard to watch at times, it definitely is worth a watch. Just like Miracle In Cell No.7, this movie lives up to its reputation.

Must watch if you liked…

      - Miracle In Cell No.7

I’m A Cyborg, But That’s Ok


Country: Korea          Released: 2006           Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Why watch?
First off, when I started watching this film,  I was confused. So, SO confused. I wasn’t sure if this would be my cup of tea, as it tackles the interaction between the characters in a slightly different way than your everyday cookie. But the unlikely development between Yeong Goon and Il Soon is just endearing, and for a Korean movie, it’s not too long.

Must watch if you liked…

I Want To Hug You: A True Story

(Dakishimetai: Shinjitsu no Monogatari)


Country: Japan           Released: 2014           Genre: Drama, Romance

Why watch?
Ok, so this might not be the best on the list. It’s a pretty standard Japanese movie. But I placed it on here as it does not get the credit it deserves. Whereas 1 Litre Of Tears gets all the praise (which it deserves), Dakishimetai focuses more so on the development of the relationship between Tsukasa and Masaki than anything.

Must watch if you liked…


(The Crucible)


Country: Korea          Released: 2011           Genre: Crime, Drama, Investigation, Law, Mature

Why watch?
Much like Hope, Silenced tackles a social problem and adds to that the troubles people might run into when trying to fix it. It is so well done and I was amazed at how it left me wanting for more. Gong Yoo exceeds every expectation in Silenced. He, together with the incredible child-actors, will take you along their journey.

Must watch if you liked…

Sky and Ocean


Country: Korea          Released: 2009           Genre: Drama, Music, Youth

Why watch?
This movie, more than anything, is sweet. You might get annoyed with the set-up at first, but as the movie progresses you’ll start to understand the situations of all three main characters. A large chunk of the movie is dedicated to strengthening the bonds between Ha Neul, Ba Da and Jin Goo. It’s easy to classify this movie as a “coming-of-age” movie, but it is more than that.

Must watch if you liked…

When I Kill Myself


Country: Japan           Released: 2011           Genre: Psychological

Why watch?
When I Kill Myself is one of the most underappreciated movies out there. But it’s so good if you just sit down and look at it. Just take your time. Do not compare it to Battle Royale (even if you might get the same feeling), and open your mind to it. The story unfolds as the movie progresses and it sometimes leaves you guessing, wanting for more.

Must watch if you liked…

Battle Royale

That's all! Do you love any of the films mentioned on the list? Are there any movies that you'd like to add to the list?