de Wiam Najjar, dezembro 20, 2014

A Dirty Carnival


Country: South Korea     Year: 2006     Genre: Action, Thriller, Crime

Do you like gangster films? (Well, I do). What if the gangster is the hot and genius Jo In Sung? I guess it is worth watching.

Byung Do (Jo In Sung) is a gangster who is being pushed about by his boss; Sang Chul (Yoon Je Moon). To support his family, Byung Do does whatever it takes; he betrays and gets betrayed.

If I say more about the plot I will just spoil it. There are many great films you give a 10 for, but A Dirty Carnival is a film that leaves you in a daze.

A Dirty Carnival is a story about family, friendship and loyalty. Ironically and painfully, it is also the story of betrayal, backstabbing (or literally front-stabbing) and distrust.

It portrays the proverb; ''what goes around comes around.'' It heartbreakingly wrenches tears and blood of others' trust and faith.

Not only the cast, the acting and the production are superb; the pain in the characters' eyes, the look of shock and the disbelieving cry stabs our fake humanity right in the heart.

6 Years in Love


Country: South Korea     Year: 2008     Genre: Comedy, Romance

Da Jin (Kim Ha Neul) and Kim Jae Young (Yoon Kye Sang) have been in love for six years. They practically know everything about each other, and they take one another for granted without even realizing that. After 6 years, as the fire of their love fades away; they start to find fault with each other, pinpoint the mistakes, criticize the habits, nag and grow weary. Looking for consolation and freshness, they start making mistakes. What will become of their relationship?

It's an ordinary love story that has been tackled a lot. But the reason why you should watch this is for the cast. In addition to the two leads there's the ever-stunning Shin Sung Rok.

6 Years in Love is a cute romantic movie for Thursday night.


After the Banquet


Country: South Korea     Year: 2009     Genre: Friendship, Drama

I started this because of the ultimate Bae Su Bin. At the beginning I wasn't sure it was worth it but eventually I found out it was.

So, eight friends who used to perform as a rock band in college decide to reunite for their friends' wedding after 15 years. One of the friends doesn't show up. Instead, while the friends are having dinner after the wedding, her daughter pops out of nowhere announcing her mother has passed a month before. Still under the shock, the daughter Mi Rae (Ko Ah Sung) declares that her father is one of the four men there. She starts looking for her father and the secrets get revealed.

The film traces the difficulties these friends face, their weaknesses, the masks they wear to look good to each other, their hidden desires, lifelong scars and fears. On the other hand, it shows the depth of their friendships and the immortality of their memories. The link between them never falls apart. On the contrary, it rather draws others in.

If only for the stage performance, the film is worth watching.