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Cold Eyes

q1Xz6Jq3_3d0064_f.jpgCountry: South Korea     Year: 2013        Genre: Action, Crime, Suspense

Movie Description:

A new detective becomes a member in the Korean Police Force in the special crime department. Their job is to profile top criminals and watch their activities. Each of them has a special nickname and their own ways to track down a criminal. They have to find the biggest criminal and work together. But will they catch them and at what cost?

Numbers, my opinion and a MDL review:

Approx. 600 MDL’ers have watched this movie and more than 450 has it on their plan to watch list (you guys go watch it!). 68% rated this movie an 8 and higher!

There is never a dull moment in this movie. Even in the first few seconds, you will become fully immersed into the movie. It has a good storyline and loads of action. I loved this movie!!

In one of the reviews MDL’er Sindsoron writes:

“The story is not new or revealing, but it is a good and fresh combination of familiar patterns, put together into a brilliant whole.”



Country: South Korea     Year: 2012     Genre: Suspense, Thriller

Movie Description:

When an epidemic of drownings occur, the government declares a state of emergency. They find out that there might be a cure, but some are keeping this a secret. We are going to follow Jae Hyuk in his search for the cure. But he isn’t the only one searching..

Numbers, my opinion and a MDL review:

Less than 300 MDL’ers watched this movie, but 72% rated this movie an 8 or higher!

I really liked this movie. It is nothing new, but it was well executed. The movie plays with your emotions and the actors did an amazing job!

In one of the reviews MDL’er xlovelight writes:

“The scenes are acted out so realistically, it makes one actually feel nervous watching it because of the fear that it may come true. The acting was superb - I cannot find fault in any of the cast and the plot was tightly clinched in all the right places without it being too complicated (like most epidemic movies).”



Country: Japan     Year: 2014     Genre: Action, Fantasy, Mystery

Movie Description:

The story is set in Asia in 2020 when West and East cultures are mixed in confusion. A young girl, Genpou Shiori is a descendant of the Phantomhive noble family. Shiori runs a large enterprise, Funtom Company, and she disguises herself in male attire, naming herself “Kiyoharu”. The family only allows males to be the head of the family, and they have also been tasked with the duty to solve difficult cases that happen in the underbelly of society by order of the queen. In order to get revenge, she gave up her life as a woman and made a contract with the demon butler, Sebastian Michaelis, in which Sebastian protects Shiori until she completes her revenge in exchange for devouring her soul. 

Numbers, my opinion and a MDL review:

More than 400 MDL’ers have watched this movie and more than 2000 MDL’ers has it on their plan to watch list.  Even though the movie just came out on DVD/subbed a few weeks ago, 15% rated this movie a 10! The average score is an 8.0 which is still amazing for MDL. 

I loved this movie (but if you watched the anime you might be disappointed). There were loads of action parts and a lot of scenes that kept you on the edge of your seat!

In one of the reviews MDL’er bochan writes:

“Overall I would say that the movie as a stand-alone movie is enjoyable and well made. There was a certain darkness to it, the setting in the movie was nice. Editing, colouring and choice of music were all well done. ”


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I hope you liked my picks and that you end up enjoying at least some of these movies!