Both are short series, where FL attempts to change their fates after knowing what the future awaits for them
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+ Both are short length series in a historical setting
+ Both feature a hidden agenda
+ Both include FL feeling like ML betrayed /will betray her
+ There’s another similarity which I can’t list cause it would spoil both dramas
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Both are historical mini dramas in which the FL has knowledge of the future (by magically seeing it vs. rebirth) that makes her believe the ML will destroy her and her family. Despite this, she ends up marrying him and discovers not all is as it appears.
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Both are short-length series
- MLs are prince/royalty
- Enemy to lover trope
- Smart & Protective MLs
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Both their families are enemies
Hate to love
The male lead killed her entire family in the future and tried to kill the ml so he does not kill her family.
The ml fell for her for the first time when she she saved him
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The Dangerous Lover (2024) poster



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