Both drama have college setting and the love story is between a normal guy and a popular guy who surprisingly can’t keep a long term relationship.
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Slice of life BL Japanese romance which heroes caretaking. Well-acted and sweet characters, very chased. Also the main characters both work in a restaurant for some of the story
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First of all, they have the same screen writer which explained why the flow of the story in the drama version was adapted in similar way.

Aside from that, both stories are started with two childhood friends who haven’t been with each other for a long time met again and sharing home.

Perfect Propose and Living with Him are different, but they are both providing cozy and comfortable love story about two people living under the same roof taking care of each other and figuring out their more than friends feeling.
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Living with him is almost like a sibling of old fashion cupcake where you might find a lot of similarity in style because both drama share the same director and screen writer.
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