-both gmmtv
-both are set in high school
-one of the mls my school president wants to pursue music as a dream, and one of the mls in only boo wants to pursue dance as a dream
-both show the difficulties of following and achieving your dreams and goals
-both have sweet and innocent love and romance between the mls?
-both are easy to watch and super duper fluffy and cute?
-there a kind of 'forbidden love' vibe in both bcoz in my school president, one ml is the son of the headteacher, but the other ml and his band are disliked by the headteacher, and in only boo, one ml wants to be an idol, but then he wouldn't be able to date if he did
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One of the lead has a crush on another lead
Both are soft and light
Another lead has a crush on a boy since high school
And......... I don't need to write anything else
Just give it a try it's amazing you'll definitely be laughing a lot
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BLs that include singing, dancing and chasing the dream of becoming a famous music idol. Their company's forbid any romantic relationships from their trainees however, feelings arise.
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