They Don’t Have The Same Stroy But Both Of Them Have Vampire Story Line As The Main Thing

I’m Not Sure If It’s A Bl Or A Bromance XD

Both From Thiland Production
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both have similar elements=
-some dark elements (only a little) about death, suicide themes etc.
-cute elements between the main couple.
-age/time/generation difference.
-mystery around the love interests past/origins.
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A quirky coed uni friend group obsessed with aliens, the supernatural, and other inexplicable phenomena? Check. An actual supernatural who then ends up crossing paths with said friend group? Check. Comedy? Check. Loveable idiocy? Check. Five dollars and a dream? You better believe it.
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-BL Dramas
-Relationship between a human and a vampire
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1000 Years Old (2024) poster



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