Both has Anti-hero ML in searching for anwes while trying to survive, gun&gangster violence, fast paced plot&action, covering crimes, thin line between god&bad cop
Recomendado por Kapetria
Both seem to be gritty, almost noiresque stories of police lives. Leads are established and amazing actors, there is a thread of tension throughout each episode (Connection is just beginning but I think it'll be keeping up the pressure).

Recomendado por ShortCircuit
Both dramas are focused on solving a series of mysteries that connect to each other
Both have one evil mastermind behind all the mysterious events that the protagonists are trying to catch
ML and FL in Memorist are both in the police division while FL in Connection is a journalist

Both ML's have an important/special plot kinda thing (a thing that makes them special/different)

Memorist focuses solely on catching the bad guy while Connection has a few side plots

Both are amazing dramas and have almost the same vibe
Connection isn't over yet, but it gave the same vibe as Memorist, the way they solve the crime
Recomendado por heloooo101
Both have an element of suspense and mystery
Both have a bad guy who's not revealed till the end
Connection is more of police investigation while in 365:Repeat the Year, the protagonists themselves try to find the bad guy
Connection hasn't ended yet but it keeps you on your feet on every ep. , the same for 365, its plot twits were unexpected

Both are well written dramas for crime and suspense fans
Recomendado por heloooo101
Both dramas have protagonists who may not look very upright
Both are police investigation type dramas
While Beyond evil focuses on many criminal cases, Connection focuses on cases which are connected to each other
Both have plot twists which keep you at the edge of your seat!
Recomendado por heloooo101
In stranger we have an upright prosecutor ML who is emotionless due to a condition and a police officer FL who is strong and independent. While in connection there is an upright police officer ML who is struggling with drug issues and a reporter FL who is bold. There is no cringey romance in both but the level of understanding between the leads is amazing. The vibe of both dramas are similar and you keep asking who might be the culprit throughout the story.
Recomendado por lvp
A suspenseful love story in which the fate of several young people with different backgrounds and charms are entangled in two unpredictable twists and turns. Yan Jin, a businessman and former anti-narcotics policeman, decides to investigate a drug-trafficking case that caused the death of his close friend. He infiltrates into the organization as an undercover cop and gets to know Ji Xiao Ou. This causes Zhan Yu, who has a one-sided crush on her, to be jealous. However, Zhan Yu was murdered and Yan Jin becomes the primary suspect. With Ji Xiao Ou's help, Yan Jin sets out to clear his name and to investigate the murder of his close friend.
Recomendado por Farhana Akhter
- crime/ killing
- past highschool story which reveals connections every episode
- revenge
- no drugs
Recomendado por Lana V
Both dramas features a who dunnit plot with a school element mixed into it.

While Law School is more ensemble cast than Connection which focuses more on the ML, they are similar in which main casts are well written well with depths and portrayed by great acting.
Recomendado por Syn
Both shows make me experience similar suspense, angst and thrilling moments. Both are fast-paced in terms of dropping clues and relations among different characters, building a great momentum in each episode to keep me curious on what's next.
Recomendado por djohangaon
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