those both korean BL have a sunny, smile and endearing character, Choco or Yoon Chan, so it gives to the couple a cute dynamic, with their opposite partner with a colder personality !!
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they're both korean BL that take place in university, one of the character is willing to be close to the other one that don't really want someone in their life (friend or boyfriend), and we also have the "classic" antagonist who also wants to flirt with one of the characters :)
we all know that Semantic Error is strongest in the term of budget, character development or quality of acting but i promise that Blossom Campus is worth the detour, it's really an endearing series that I enjoyed
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Both have college storylines but Boys Be Brave is the best out of the two. Blossom Campus lacks plot and character development and the actors need to polish their skills. It was underwhelming, to say the least. Boys Be Brave has better context to the plot and the actors do a good job with their characters. Even the second leads have great chemistry. If you're seeking a university storyline Boys Be Brave would be a great short watch. It has a similar time length for each episode just as Blossom Campus and overall 8 episodes.
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