Assim como Hierarchy, o preço do silencio também traz assuntos de âmbito escolar e o quanto as coisas omitidas pela classe alta podem ser um verdadeiro segredo abordado temas de assuntos sociais e contem muitos casos coreanos reias que podem ser até inspirações para seres como esta para relatar a problemática que pode realmente existir na sociedade e entro de u,a sociedade escolar.
- alem de um predominante ponto de vista de como a classe social alta é vista pela sociedade e como eles enxergam a sociedade aqueles que são "inferiores" a eles.
Recomendado por Yven_na
Both show the dynamic between rich and poor. The heirs has Kim Tan the arrogant male lead who's kinda mysterious, he has a poor gf aka the FL. Here we have a poor male lead with a secret and his rich female lead. Romance, high school, classism, bullying. Mix The Heirs and Elite and you got Hierarchy.
Recomendado por gyuvinist
Because both the drama setting in high school and the theme of rich people or families hiding secrets in their lives. Besides that, both dramas are also related to bullying and murder.
Recomendado por Alyssa
Similar structure of plot
Both have a revenge system crazy rich students with the poor ones and believe schools are mini society's
Recomendado por Aperson123
-School setting
-New Transfer Student
- Both shows the transfer student is trying to find out what happened to their twin sibling
-Twins grew up separately
Recomendado por Taneil
The FL lead are coming from chaebol family
Them FL lead both huntimg at the hunting forest ground
Potrayed as smart FL
The male poor boy being in love with the FL lead
It give the same vibe with the rich setting
Recomendado por Meli
Same cast !!

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Recomendado por bhvyshrm
- High school setting
- A student gets murdered by another student and they try to cover it up
- Corrupt school with a rich and elite group of kids
- Both are thrillers/mysteries
Recomendado por nola
A high school setting.
A thriller.
Poor male lead.
Criminal offenses happen inside and outside the school without anyone's knowledge.
Recomendado por rubeole
- Similar vibes but with the setting in high school instead
- Meaningful in similar ways
- Similar plot twist
Recomendado por SunOh
Some of the scenes take place at school
There's a lot of pressure from the parents
Elite Society parents with a lot of social standards
The students kinda have to go against each other and compete
Recomendado por Ririone
- High School
- Hidden Secrets
- Suspense
- Blackmailing
- Dark themes
- Bullying
Recomendado por Ririone
'Yeon Si-eun’ is a model student who looks fragile on the outside.

Utilize his innate brain and analytical skills

Fighting against violence inside and outside of school

This is an action coming-of-age drama about a ‘weak hero’!
Recomendado por rubeole
Privileged High School kids with dark and twisted views of the world with one of its story arcs centered around complicated friends' relationships. In the end someone(s) will learns to be a better person.
Recomendado por Just Jill 72
High school setting
Transfer student
BUllying happening inside school that is filled with deliquents
Recomendado por rubeole
Hierarchy (2024) poster



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