top 2 dramas of 2024 with love, laughs, tears, time travel, great acting, fated lovers, handsome male leads and happy endings
Recomendado por the atypical user
both have superpowers, the male lead are both tall losers, also the bounding over past shared trauma plot
Recomendado por winchesterlives
My personal top dramas of 2023 and 2024.
Time travel, romance, second chances, healing and beautiful shot. Those two dramas got you covered!
Recomendado por nct 127
Drama 'The Atypical Family' and 'Moving' both are fantasy drama. In these drama the characters have different types of super natural powers. Also the super natural powers are hereditary as well. In drama 'Moving' the super natural powers that the parents have are inherited by their children. But in drama 'The Atypical Family' children do not have the same power as their parents, but do inherited the super natural power/
Recomendado por aaaazzz
If you're like me and loved the kids story in atypical family u might wanna check out teasing takagi san .
It's a jdrama which stars 2 kids at the main leads .Very cute and adorable story .Unlike atypical family where the kids have a small but beautiful part ,in teasing takagi san the main focus is on the kids story.
Recomendado por Markiepooh
So as you guys know that atypical family is a very distinguished story than others
but I will suggest you to watch my perfect stranger because the story line is not obviously same but they can travel in past and the connection between main lead and female lead is awesome
the stories also very great it is about a serial killer so you guy should give it a watch I think if you like attypical family you might like my perfect stranger also
Recomendado por Quiescent
The dark aesthetics are similar only that Atypical Family actually has fantasy elements. FL in IONTBO has mental health issues and in Atypical Family it's the ML. FL in IONTBO is prickly and in AF it is the ML. Both are quirky in tone and slightly darkly comedic
Recomendado por voldermortsunbae
The female lead is a mermaid,a supernatural being and male lead is a professional scammer.Though there isn't much similarities between two shows.You can check it out.
Recomendado por imashy
Both are Timetravel-Mystery Romance dramas,
similar serious melo mood, but not too heavy.

Adult romances.

The Atypical Family also has the psychological genre too, while My Deepest Dream is more mystery-romance.

Beautiful athmospheres and directing in both.
Recomendado por JulySnow2
Rich family and poor family. The poor family want to take a advantage from rich family, they making a plot.
Recomendado por filiaang
The The Atypical Family makes reference to Christmas in August in episode 10. I just wanted to make a note of this for any watchers who are curious about it.
Recomendado por elumia
• Romance/ pshycological genre with hidden identity female protagonist.

• Deceitful female lead with a love/ hate relationship.

• Family relationship as a key point for both dramas.
Recomendado por Ceridane
- Both have a ML with the ability to time travel.

- Both have main leads with a connection with the male lead trying to figure out how he is connected to the female lead. In Tomorrow With You, it's a connection to a future event. In Atypical Family, it's connection to a past event.

- Both have a parental figure trying to set up the leads together.

- In both dramas, the male lead is not initially attracted to the female lead.

- Both shows involve trying to save someone.
Recomendado por ColourMePurple
time travel, destiny, meant to be lovers, tragic story... what else do u need to know ? also both are confusing af when it comes to timelines but also very similar in how theyre making it make sense iykyk
Recomendado por winchesterlives
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