I know this recommendation is not a documentary about an ethnic group and lifestyle..
But it is healing and feel good slice of life that made me remember it while watching to the wonder.
Recomendado por Hala
This romance is set in part in Xinjiang around Kanas Lake and Hemu village, close to Altai and features glimpses of the various people who live there. Some parts are shot in other spectacular desert areas of the province.
The romance is about found-again love after a long separation ; both have their own very different jobs but despite the hurdles and separations due to work and responsibilities, they find the way to each other's heart. ML is Jing Boran and FL is Seven Tan Songyun.
Recomendado por Frost_edelweiss

Both dramas have athmospheric cinematography , beautiful directing. Leads have great chemistry and the acting skills.

Slice of life, romance genres, focused on life in countryside
Recomendado por Malachite Lizard
Both dramas have kinda similar vibe.
This drama is also about small quite village. Actor’s chemistry is good. Genres: Romance, drama, life
Recomendado por Malachite Lizard
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