Both dramas deal around two older women that are both quirky and unusual. Both are becoming sort of detectives after they have taken a hit to their careers. Both are working with a young man, who is their assistent but actually watches out for them. Both are very fun and at the same time serious dramas.
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Both have a very unusual female lead that is trying to solve cases.In both dramas they have a young male that is their assistent and has a hidden identity. Only difference is that "Cheat on me if you can" has also a side story of the husband, which is not found in Goritekini.
Recomendado por Lou
the main although different genders are quirky, down-to-earth interesting characters with alot of depth. both shows are based on some sort of investigation.
Recomendado por Melanie Sives
Goritekini Arienai: Tantei Kamizuru Ryoko no Kaimei (2023) poster



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