Both dramas are based off webtoons that have the FL go back in time and get revenge on her husband/boyfriend and sister/best friend.

Perfect Marriage Revenge has:
FL is the adopted daughter of a wealthy family and she is mistreated by her mother.
After an accident and being killed by her mother, the FL wakes up and it is one year in the past.
She vows to get revenge on her family.
The ML and FL get together really early on and it's about them working together to get revenge.

Marry My husband has:
FL has cancer and not long left to live. She walks in on her husband cheating with her best friend. They kill her and she goes back in time 10 years.
She realises that everything is inevitable; if she avoids an injury, someone will get it somehow. This makes her realise that someone has to marry her husband and be killed by him.
She sets out to have her best friend to take her place.
Recomendado por Nicole
Both time travel romances where one of the leads tries to save the other by trying to change the events in the past as a means to alter the future :)))))
Recomendado por roe
Both dramas begin with the FL dying, then finding herself alive and back in the past, using her knowledge of what will happen to change her fate.
Recomendado por Tammi
1. Both Female leads are diagonised with life threatening diseases at a certain point in the dramas .
2. In both the dramas , Husband is cheating on Female lead

However The storyline that follows afterwards is different.
Recomendado por GS1945KDL
1. FL travels back in time.
2. To change their fates , both FLs choose different person as their life partners and try to impress them.

However the storyline that follows afterwards is different .
Recomendado por GS1945KDL
Going back to the past, trying to fix their mistake in the past. Its a slow pace, but the character development was worth the wait.
Recomendado por Natasha Junhee
hua qin travels back to her wedding day to stop the tragedy of herfamily in that course shehas to reforms herself into a newperson in her past life she was jealous which led to the arrest of her friend mu yoa father which was caused by the ove shehad for the zhong ye lan this tym shedoes anything to stop in this she has prevent her lustful playboy brother
Recomendado por HaruPA
Both have a strong female lead who lost a lot of things in life due to their cheating husband.
Similarities :
1. Cheating Husband.
2. the Male Lead loves Female Lead for a very long time.
3.Both have happy ending.
4. Both the cheating husband get what they deserve in the end. So everything in the dramas are worth the wait.
1.MMH has time travel of ML and FL.
2. The SFL is Alliance turns from mistress to bff with the FL. But in MMH SML is a devil and never realizes her mistakes.
3.Alliance has a lovely kid name Pingguo, daughter of the FL and SML.
5. Alliance has more episodes. but is kind of a hidden gem.
Recomendado por vibha
Female Lead goes back to the past to change her destiny after living bad life and death situation happen.
Recomendado por HKV
Both drama is about cheating partner. Although My Happy Ending is talking about a reality and Marry my husband is more fantastic. I feel they both have parallel story.
Recomendado por gabbiie6
both dramas show the time travel of the characters in shining for one thing, FL travels back in time because of her boyfriend cheating on with her most trusted best friend and while in marrying my husband, FL travels into the time because her husband is cheating on her is also with the most trusted best friend....
Recomendado por princess u
Married couple who have fallen out of love with each other over the years and gradually began to resent one another and want to divorce, wake up as college students (pre-relationship) and have the chance to change their fate.
Recomendado por Wolfie689
the 2 stories are about a married person (the wife in marry my husband and the husband in familiar wife) who is unhappy in the marriage. the main lead then mysteriously travels to the past and decide to change his life and makes different choices.
in marry my husband the main lead died before she comes back to the past and gets rid of her husband.
in familiar wife the main lead just accidentally traveled to the past and then decided to get rid of his wife.
the mood of the stories are very alike, but the 2 stories end very differently. familiar wife is very promising in the beginning, but I found it disappointing in the end. but it's still a very unique scenario.
Recomendado por deidra
No time traveling involved but a divorced couple cross paths and the ex-wife sets out to change her fate and get a bit of revenge on her ex but feelings happen and previously unknown information surfaces that change everything for all involved.
Recomendado por Wolfie689
A accident bring in past but a different is different person's past in a time called you but in Marry my husband it's your own past. But it will feel quite similar
Recomendado por Dramasfanbl
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