Both are based on same historical period with the importance of the Whampoa Military academy, and the rising influence of Communism in and south of Shanghai.
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Both are about the struggle of Chinese undercover Communist agents against GMD although not directly in Shanghai and more centered around 2-3 powerful warlords of the time.
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A romance set in Republican era Shanghai that features undercover agents although more concerned about a revenge plot than about politics. It is less historical, but conveys the Romanticism of that era for Chinese audience. The FL, Jing Tian, is also very fiery, with musical skills despite it is more for dancing tango than playing the piano.
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Both are about a female undercover agent from the Chinese Communist Party ; both are gripping stories (although Sparrow meanders around a mysterious file) and both pay much attention to details filmed.
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I think these two dramas are similar because they both depict a character who is simply following his ideas and living his life, but he meets someone from the Communist Party and is unknowingly involved.
In War of Faith, the importance of the Communist Party appears later than in Shooting Stars, and both dramas are not just about Communism; War of Faith is also about the economy, while Shooting Stars is about police work and justice.
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Both are about the path of a young man who first pays allegiance to GMD, and next decides to shift to the Communist side, and it is mostly set in Shanghai. But instead of slums, it pictures palaces and instead of a Bank, it centers around the Military Command of the city and its cotton imports and industry.
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Both tell a story about a humble intellectual's journey to become a great financial and banker.
Zhang Xincheng performance in The Justice was so awesome that in my opinion, he single handed-ly supported the drama.
You may like the light romance in War of Faith more than the frustrating fml in The Justice.
Romance aside, both drama were truly enjoyable.
++(imo) The Justice have more clear script and plot that it',s easier to follow and understood compared to War of Faith. When Wang Yi Bo's performance in WoF is undeniable outstanding, but we have Zhang XinCheng here. If you like WoF and have lingering feeling while waiting for next episode, The Justice is a good to kill the time.
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