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Abr 24, 2023
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One word to some up this show is "Frustrating"..

I have watched all of the seasons, minus the two specials, over the past few weeks, and as each episode and season progressed I felt more and more frustrated with this show as it went on. I think it is quite clear the writers are winging it, making up the story as they go along from season to season. There are so many coincidences, inconsistencies, loose ends and plot holes.. that even my suspension of disbelief starts to crack. But thats my vague opinion on the show as a whole, now for Season 4..

Good stuff
- Takeuchi Ryoma as Mamiya Hibiki absolutely carries this show, his acting is phenomenal, he really sells the emotional scenes in the previous seasons. It was disappointing to hear he was not going to be in Season 5, and I think it will be severely lacking with his absense. Fortunately he will be back in a movie to continue his story. (If this is his final appearance or if he is to return to the show in a potential Season 6 we will have to wait and see)
- The Prison set looked really good. Its a pity they didnt use it more.
- From an acting standpoint i think everyone else did a really good job. Although the main prison bad guy was a little over the top comicbook villain though.

Bad Stuff
- I think they blew all the budget on the prison, because the golems this season were a step down in quality. In the first season it was subtle makeup, then in the next two it progressed to gorey makeup and some good prothetic masks, this fourth season had them all in full head masks that just looked rather cheap.
- 5 episodes, even less than before.
- The story at this point is paper thin that even 5 episodes is dragging things out.
- Niiyama Asuha is an annoying character. (No hate on the actor she was good in the role, just the character and how she was written)
- Like TWD this show has become less about the golems threat and more about other humans being the threat. They are more of a nuisance now than a danger like they were in the first season. Idea's like they become more active at night and are drawn to blood seem to be forgotten or ignored.

Season 4 is a big departure from the last 3 seasons in tone, it feels different.. and i think a big part of that is down to the massive shift in Hibiki's personality, his older self kind of shows through a little in the last few episodes but only in glimpses. I dont think the massive shift in tone has been neccessarliy earned, but you could argue that what happens at the end of season 3 and the fact that a whole 20 months has passed since can excuse it. If they had instead made a special set inbetween season 3 and 4, showing that change progress I might be more on board.

Even though I have so many issues with the show overall.. I do still get a lot of enjoyment out of it. So i will be here for Season 5 and Hibiki's movie.

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Abr 24, 2023
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Same as always

Unnecessary and meaningless deaths, as if they were tored of filming and wanted to end things fast, I'm only watching cause of the kid, Mirai, sore dake, otherwise i'm super tired to watch this s* show and waste my time on it, too many red flags, too many dramatic things, too many of everything that shouldn't ever be there for any series or movie, this is no longer TWD version of Japanese series, but the "Gangnam Zombie" version of a series.

seems like i can't keep it less than 500 characters so Imma write till i'm able to submit this.
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Ago 27, 2023
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Binged watched in 4 days!

I binged watched all 4 season despite being ill and had temperature. this helped me a lot.
It gave some hybrid korean zombie series vibes where zombies run and are much more dangerous but here its kinda more realistic, in the point of view of infection.

Of course tragic things can be character deaths where there are worse kill-off scenes of some characters who we met since first episode.
Characters are all amazing and the cast. it gives you the worrying aspect and actors did great job. same with plot!
music is also unique and gives METRO game vibes.

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