Both have a psychological, mysterious, and thrilling plot that unfolds throughout the series.
Recomendado por Geegee16
Both have a side plot involving unrequited love stories which are similar to each other.
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It has a main character who constantly lies about her life, like using a fake name and background of a rich person to scam other people. Anna's background is similar to Fei Ke; she was also used to being a very promising student, but due to one big scandal, she had to give up everything, including attending her dream university, but she still did not give up and tried everything to reach the top of society by scamming, faking identity, education background, and her entire life.
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The protagonists in both are shrouded in mystery and we get to know them as the story unfolds. Prophecy is darker than regeneration and is a thriller. Promises a story that won't be easily forgotten.
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In 'A Man', the central character dies and his loved ones realize he is not who he claims to be. Plot is centered around revealing the character's story and how the other characters deal with this. Great acting and story in both works.
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The show focus on one person in the center, which is being narrated in different characters by other related people. Also contain mystery element
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