Almost same vibes with the Japanese drama series Legal High especially on the personalities and chemistry of the two leads.
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The legal high series are more comedic, but if you want feel good vibes and law. This is for you.

-the two leads have good chemistry.
-the criticism of the Japanese legal system.
-Japanese version has two seasons and two SP, as well as iconic scenes and OSTs.
Recomendado por AreeShiroyasha
ML and FL are a bickering duo in the law field and settle cases together. The dramas show cases episodically; a new case every episode. Leads are at each other's throats some times, but at the same time also have out-of-this-world level chemistry. FL in May it Please the Court was demoted to a less-reputable office, while in Ishiko to Haneo ML is sent to a less-known office and in both dramas they are paired with a very unlikely partner who they don't get along with at first. Both dramas are very comedic, heartwarming at times, thrilling at times, and all-in-all give good feels. Happy watching! ^^
Recomendado por sungrokisking
If you love Ishiko to Haneo.. you will also love Hero starring Takuya Kimura and Takako Matsu.. comedy, witty, great chemistry with interesting plot case

Season 2 with Kitagawa Keiko also great.. Highly recommended to watch ^_^
Recomendado por MikanMira
Ichikei no Karasu is legal drama where instead of Lawyer, they make theme of Judge.. But it gave same vibes with Ishiko to Haneo.. witty, interesting case and funny..

You can also get to see another perspective from Judge, what they did for law especially in court.. Highly recommended to watch
Recomendado por MikanMira
Season 1 & Season 2 are great.. Instead of Civil Lawyer, they focus on Criminal Lawyer.. and persue only the truth.. it was silly funny with a little bit detective that makes the drama entertaining.. Highly recommended to watch ^_^
Recomendado por MikanMira
Similar legal drama about two lawyers, male and female leads, handling different cases each episode where things are not always what they seemed at first until they dig in deeper. They get on each other's nerves and bicker at each other from time to time but eventually grow to respect each other. While Ishiko to Haneo is about a small private law firm, Seigi no Se is about a public prosecutor office. Both have same type of chemistry and humour, making it fun and interesting to watch.
Recomendado por redsamuraiii
I have yet to watch the original Japanese version of Legal High, but I have watched the Korean remake and it reminds me of Ishiko to Haneo a lot; leads have a lot of dynamic and chemistry with little romance (actually none really). Both are fun legal comedies and the drama goes case-by-case every episode.
Recomendado por sungrokisking
polar opposites bickering duo forced to work together in the law field when they did not like each other. Both MLs have a bit of a haughty personality, while FLs are absolutely fed up with MLs antics. ML and FL begin to work with one another and slowly realize they have great teamwork and are not so bad after all. Both are two of my top fav dramas, super enjoyable.
Recomendado por sungrokisking
Both are released in the same year - 2022
this was such a delight to compare jdoramas and kdramas. You see different approaches yet they are both great and the other did not fall short! Same same but different in all the good ways

Interesting and great law cases, and with enough amount of chemistry between the leads.

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Ishiko e Haneo: Você Está Me Processando? (2022) poster



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